Morals & Family Values

532526_132372953585002_205555187_nJuly 2012

I suppose that on certain subjects that I do have a lot to say, morals being one. More frequently than not I hear “what’s wrong with people these days?” being said. I often wonder if there is even a correct answer to that question or if people ever get an answer at all. It seems to be an ok thing  to be overly sexual, vulgar, disrespectful and showing no signs of morals, character or family values whatsoever. An attitude that I see becoming rampant in our society.  To those of you who agree with or see nothing wrong with the attitude of  taking what  is not rightfully yours and intentionally, &  joyfully destroying  a family, then I know that your attitude will be the same when such an event happens to you. When your spouse can sleep with his/her w@?#e in YOUR home while you are there and are not in agreement with this type of arrangement – I wish you the best in such an event! People find it way too easy these days to cast judgement on situations in which they have no experience in and have no idea of how they would personally react.  The old saying “walk a mile in my shoes” fits this perfectly for this. How as a society have we let ourselves become like this? I take pride in the fact that my children have morals & integrity – I delight in seeing my children help those around them with no expectations of something in return.  This is my reward.

This past year of 2012 has been quite challenging, especially in dealing with other peoples lack of morals department. It’s truly been one hell of a year but through pure determination, wit, and LOVE  as a family have come through this. We have truly been put to the test as a family.  They found it impossible to break this one person, this circle, this bond, because of the love that is shared here. For those of you that don’t know it LOVE is the most powerful weapon known to man kind  and we should use it more often!

It’s sad to watch a loved one spiral downward into a tunnel of despair and loneliness because they refuse to take you advice, crash and then fall when suddenly it’s too late…

I firmly believe that we should always treat each other the way that we would like to be treated. For when justice arrives and judgement is served — universal law style it can be severe — we truly do reap what we sow… Karma is the balance, the cycle of cause and effect. Learn from it.

I can only hope that this slime ball will wallow in the suffering which has been and is created by him/her and this continues on as a vicious cycle of a love/hate relationship, you are responsible for your own misery. Retribution at the hands of the universe shall be severe and one day the jewel that is loved/wanted so much will be that which brings financial and material ruin –  for what you put into this world is what you will get back…..


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