Friends come and friends go

Dear diary…

Suddenly one day the phone calls & texts stopped. No explanation no real reason why. It was like my best friend just stopped being my friend.
I went through finishing my classes and the effects of nicotine withdrawals as I quit smoking – all without my so called best friend. It was all fine when he wanted to be around but then when he was done “needing” He just dwindled away. Leaving me alone and stranded.
I realized then that I was wrong, i had been so lonely for so long that i was blinded by my own wants and needs.
I had so desired a true friend that I ignored the red flags failing to see faults.
When I needed my friend – that in truth was never the friend that I had put my trust in – he acted as though it was a burden to listen to me…be my friend. It was too much for him to pick up the phone and return my calls and for what reason I don’t know.
This is when I first said never speak to me again….
This lasted for three weeks when he decided to call me. From this point our friendship was still teetering on the edge of uncertainty with one little wrong move threatening to take it over the edge.
The shove came almost a month later.
When it took what was left of our friendship over the edge of the cliff shattering like glass, broken into a million little pieces.


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