My Tarot Card Reading

As told by the Tarot Reader:
You must pursue your dreams. If you don’t, you need to be aware that people will judge you based on your accomplishments. Your projects may seem crazy from other peoples’ perspectives, but for you, they are stimulating and within reach. Don’t let other people talk you out of this, because many are jealous of what they cannot accomplish themselves. You are right, they aren’t. Your house belongs to you and you can organize it the way you want. You can remodel it your way and you have the right to be eccentric. You have been interested by specific pieces of furniture for a while and now is the right time to purchase them. It doesn’t matter how you finance your projects, you will know how to maintain a stable budget even though other people may say otherwise. Your judgment is good and you will stay within boundaries. A legacy will follow you and you will know how to make a good use out of it.
You will attain a major success by your work, your stubbornness and your generous expenditure of effort and energy. You will demonstrate firm determination in order to complete a job that is close to your heart and one which will eventually bring you a lot of satisfaction. The outcome or completion of it will have an enormous effect on your destiny and will have a favourable influence on your whole future. This will bring you to a climax in your life story and it will irreversibly improve or solidify your destiny. You will deserve this success so much because it will be by your own personal efforts and your hard work that you will achieve it. A good deal of stability and financial comfort, then, is to be to be expected in the long term, and this will become permanent by means of your own personal efforts and the unwavering determination that you will show in order to complete this major task.
Your world view is not the same as before. It has changed. In fact, it evolves constantly. But especially with this regard, recently you have had a spiritual enlightenment or a revelation. You are now inspired by new spiritual concepts and some of your values that were firm are now less certain. Among some truths that you have learnt, now you find yourself in a complete and an utter emptiness. A new teaching is affirmed in your life and you are now forced to start from the scratch which means from the bottom of your deepest convictions. In this sense, you are required to free yourself from your past life which has clearly shown its vulnerability. You must adhere to new choices of life and access to wisdom and to know more systematic and more promising ways of doing things. There is a significant person in this process. It’s a fairly young person who has the astrological sign of Leo. Keywords: relatives, jealousy in love, impulsive action, violence, sudden change, new beginning, altruism, month of September.
You have to make something. It will be an object or an artistic work which will have for you a high sentimental value and that will become immortal (which will long outlive you). To create it, you will have to use precious materials that are very symbolic for you. Your work will also induce respect because it will have a spiritual value which will transcend the reality of the contemporary world in which we live in. Its mystical character will be clearly established, and for many people, after your death, it will allow a contact or communication with the afterlife. This is about interactivity with an actual entity of the afterlife: a real being (angel or deity) or a specific phenomenon that is attributed to this being.
Your financial destiny is giving you numerous possibilities. Your intellect is developing and you will further develop your ability to improve yourself on the professional level. Money is currently slipping through your fingers when you ought to be able to take hold it. You will then stop seeing your environment through a discerning filter and you will discover the world as it really is. Opportunities to enrich yourself are within reach and you just need to hold out your hand to take them. You will soon be able to make creative and ingenious gestures that will be very profitable for you. Your imagination will be productive and lucrative. You will have the ability to develop very profitable plans that will enable you to reach your most daring goals. Of course there will be a few pitfalls, but your efforts will be truly rewarded. The sun is shining will all its might before you and it is clear that the future in store for you will be abundant.
You will have a premonition in a dream. In this dream you will meet an angel. This angel will appear so real to you that when you wake up you will wonder if you really were dreaming. This angel will speak of two different scenarios that will appear to you. You will have to choose between the probable one and the illusion. The scenarios will have different values and only one of them will be a sign of things to come. Be careful, because what you hope for will not necessarily become reality. The answer you obtain will be vague, but it will be blessed by the future. It will announce great happiness to you, but at this time you won’t realise it. You’ll understand later that in your heart illusion can prevail over what seems likely, but that when it comes to it, the likely scenario is very often better than the illusion. You will be blessed and greatly rewarded.
A woman will try to take something that is yours. This woman is known for her frivolous morals and emotional or sexual infidelity. Her habits and actions are exasperating most of the time. Her desire to desperately want to take something that is yours from you will be surprising and most of all daring. You must be on the watch against her actions, because she could even succeed in luring people close to you with unsuspected hypocrisy. Therefore you must assert yourself more against her or else she will be able to succeed in substantially harming you if you cannot or if you do not take the decision to stop her quickly!
You will acquire some land or property. This acquisition will be related to the birth of a child. This child has not yet been born. The relationship will not be evident in the beginning, but will reveal itself later. Many years will pass. This property will bring you closer to nature and your spiritual receptivity. It will create a link between the nature around you and the subtle world that exists in you and in the hereafter. You will have great moments of meditation in this place. You will have extremely pure supernatural experiences. You will receive a gift that you will pass to this child.
A step you are getting ready to take will bring you an unexpected supplementary benefit. Your intuition will lead you towards following a slightly different path than the one you are currently considering and your efforts will bring you twice what you expect to reap. You must wait for an unconscious and completely atypical insight about your existence on Earth and this will be what will give you the instructions that will help you on this task. Clear and precise concepts will come to your mind and an accompanying energy will be by your side to guide you in your tasks throughout your journey. It will be pointless to ask yourself questions as the answers will come by themselves. Your work will be exceptional and you will make important discoveries about your life and about what you can expect after death.
A woman close to you will display distrust towards you. Jealousy will be created between the two of you. A person in this woman’s close circle feels an attraction for you. Chance means that you will be trapped in a situation which you cannot control. You will have difficulty explaining yourself, despite your frankness and your clear conscience. Take care not to be incriminated as an accomplice in an adulterous relationship. You should react skilfully and delicately. Many things which you hold dear could be compromised as a result of an event which seems ordinary to you, but blameworthy in the eyes of others.
Your memories store a past that has left painful tracks. It takes you awhile to forget an incident that seriously injured you. One person has left a very deep impression on your life that still haunts you with regularity. Your spirits appear strong, but that’s because you hide the truth. Your hurt is much larger than you lead others to believe. Often you are afraid of not achieving your goals, which keeps you from fully enjoying some good things in life. A gust of freedom is now blowing toward you and everything suggests that, following your recent efforts, you will be freed once and for all from that memory which haunts you. Fate will intervene and clear malicious people from your path. Your entourage will change, but in a way that will be clearly more beneficial to you. Some upcoming events will be remarkable and will considerably change your prospects. A large shake-up will be favorable to you.
A last resort will be necessary to sort out an old problem that has been following you for far too long. As a result, you’ll have to make sure to get all the support you can get to succeed. This problem will be definitively solved and this will finally allow you to enjoy the benefits life has in store for you. You will reach greater, sustainable stability in all aspects of your life. You’ll be able to say more about your future decisions and you’ll have more energy to devote to your passions and your personal projects. Your influence on others will grow enormously, on the spiritual/moral left just as in all that is more practical and down-to-earth. Soon, you’ll be able to fearlessly promote your own values and you’ll no longer suffer from the anxiety that is currently overwhelming you. In the coming years, you’ll manage to merge intelligence and love perfectly. Your personal development will be wonderfully successful.


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