My Tarot Reading for Today ~ 3-4-13

You must master your love life. Your love is true and reasonable, but something opposes it. You should question the path you take to succeed in your love life. Your needs and desires are in harmony; however someone compels you to act in contradiction to your aspirations. You’ll have to adjust yourself, because currently you do not have the full authority over your life and your destiny. The answer to this situation requires moderation, but you must not compromise. You must create a balance between you and the person who hinders you. You must not seek to influence that person, because by doing so, you only increase his/her dominance over you. Even if you do not agree with him/her, you need not tell or show it to him/her. Presumably, you will have to act and cunningly deceive him/her. Show that you are weak and you will weaken him/her. Less you react, the faster you conquer him/her.


Although you have an original approach, it is logical. You are able to think outside the box with considerable ease and you surprise everyone. On the contrary, you have to work hard to achieve your goals and you must take time to rest. Yes, your determination is warranted, but other aspects of your life must not be overlooked. With so much effort and tenacity, you burn a lot of your energy and you’re likely to exhaust yourself more quickly than normal. Be careful not to let yourself be lead toward depression or overwork. Moreover, if people talk about you, it’s because they want what’s best for you. Even if you know you can succeed, it’s better to slow down your pace so as not to harm your health. People love you and need you. Take care not to abandon them.


You will receive a gift. It will be a resource and you will have to put it to good use. Careful not to undervalue or waste this gift, because it is closely linked to entertainment and games. It has great value, but it can be squandered, worn or exhausted easily (or quickly) if you don’t learn to use it intelligently. This gift comes from a man about your age. Your connection with him is of a commercial nature. This man is associated with a factory or a manufacture. He is down to earth, has a very balanced spirit and he has a great mastery of common things in life. You have already worked with him and your relationship was harmonious.


A fear is confirmed. Something has come to an end and a situation will be forever changed. However, life goes on and you mustn’t tire yourself with a misleading impression. You have to understand that faced with this situation, the worst is already behind you. Something new will come to fill the void you are feeling. You are confused and hesitant, and this is normal. Your anxious moments will soon leave you. Key concepts: farm, agriculture, lorry, nebulous, man, astrological sign of the Virgin, new sign, coolness, Wednesday morning, month of April.


Your internal balance has been upset by a problem that you can’t quite put your finger on. You need an answer but you don’t really know where the crux of the matter lies (body, spirit or soul). This is a source of anxiety and causing you to work and function in a way that is less and less rational. A man will come to your aid. He is younger than you and born under the sign of Capricorn. He is cunning and courageous. He travels by plane regularly and his work is linked to judicial affairs. Key words: infertile, ritual, trial, new job, Tuesday night, month of November.


A financial trap (transaction or investment) will be presented or offered to you. This affair will not be unfavorable strictly speaking, but you’ll have to judge an important subtlety of what you expect from a transaction that may be truly beneficial to you. There will be a contradiction between your personal hopes and the advantages you will be able to get from this affair. Be careful of the carelessness of the person you negotiate with, because they won’t recognize your real needs. They will be motivated by profits and their own interests. Even if they don’t act with the deliberate aim of taking advantage of you, their blindness may still mistakenly lead you down a path that is not yours. You’ll have to be open to new ideas that will allow you to attain greater understanding of your real needs. Even if this offer is tempting, you’ll have to really think it over before taking action, because you’ll have to focus on your true motivations in this affair.


You are very intrigued by a mysterious feeling that has taken hold of you. It is with regard to a person with whom you could easily fall in love (if you haven’t already) under different circumstances. It is someone who was born under the sign of Leo. Although you don’t do it deliberately, you think of this person often and frequently get lost in thought. Are you perhaps revealing your affection for this person a little too openly? Are you afraid of drawing them into a passing infatuation in which they might be disappointed? One this is certain: this is becoming more and more embarrassing for you. Why then are you so sweet towards this person? You are questioning yourself and troubling yourself. Do you feel a secret and reprehensible desire that you cannot control? Significant keywords: youth, ambition, contrast, eccentricity, sensuality, Thursday morning, month of December.


Your sense of discipline serves you well in your professional activities. This allows you to dream and have big ambitions. Your power rises slowly but surely it will rise. You climb the ladder one by one and you always wait to be in a strong position before you start up a new challenge. You hate instability and you constantly assure that you will not have to endure it. You love the outdoors and you draw a large energy from the nature towards you. In uncertain times, you know to step back to right moments and to settle yourself in right places. How you balance your work will allow you a romantic encounter. It will be with a person of the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Key concepts: river, bird, erosion, reading, change at work, happy change in love, Thursday morning, month of September.


A woman is watching you. She comes from a different world to yours and she is very attentive to what you are doing. Her vigilance is her strongest quality and she is ready to intervene in your life at any moment where danger may be present. For now, she would like you to devote more time to your interests, as you are currently not directing your energies in positive ways. You get carried away easily, but could use this quality to your advantage. You have big plans that must be seen through, and with a bit of motivation, you can get things moving. People admire you and expect a lot of you. You must not disappoint them, and this woman is ready to assist you in this in any way. Equally, you need to become resistant to criticism. Do not listen to what others say; some people have nothing better to do than to hurt others. The more you succeed in life, the more you will be criticised by others. These jealous people live only through the success of others. Without people like you, they would simply be destined to perish thanks to their own lack of imagination.


You will secretly go on a long trip. For this trip, you will be accompanied by a woman around your age. This woman is a Taurus. You will leave together on a Saturday morning in May. A large portion of this journey will be by water. You will see numerous fishing boats that leave the coast at the same time you do. Your departure will be impulsive and your trip will be emotive. The important question here is not your choice of destination but the reason for your departure. Moreover, you will leave behind many things to go on this trip. This will be a secret project for you to regain your liberty and become unattached to material things. It will take place after the quick sale of some real estate property.


Someone is blocking your way or is against you. This is a person of the opposite sex who is close to you. You are capable of going forward with a plan, but first you must intervene in this person’s activities. He or she is keeping from doing what you want. This concerns your love life. It’s a matter of jealousy and spite. The goal of your plan is to get you closer to nature. You want to go to the country somewhere near running water. This person’s behavior shocks you, but you must remain calm. Otherwise, you might experience disastrous consequences from a legal standpoint.


You are entering a period where you know little and which will make you experience great sensations. Each day will bring you surprises, so you will have to demonstrate flexibility in your interactions with others. You will be surprised by upcoming events and you will have to quickly adapt to certain situations. You will discover great beauties of this world and a person you love will make you experience magical and totally unforgettable moments. Reality will exceed your dreams.

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