My Tarot Card Reading for 4/15/2013

You are bound to a flower. This flower has great magical powers. On the other hand, this flower requires that you care for her. She is an extraordinary plant, but she is sensitive to her environment. You must therefore take care of her as if she were your child. She could be of great service to you, but only if she feels your love. Your love should be unconditional and benevolent. This flower has a message for you as follows: “You must confront life’s challenges realistically and constructively. If an obstacle cannot be overcome, you must learn to deal and live with it.” So you probably have a child or children, otherwise you dream to have some but cannot. Regardless which it is, a living being depends on you and you should be proud. This being may not be living in a tangible or visible way, but he or she is real. He or she may also be alive and close to you, but cause you grief, efforts, suffering or sacrifice. Be strong and take care of him/her, and he/she will bring you happiness.
A person of the opposite sex from your circle of acquaintances is interested in the same things as you. You share the same sensitivity and you have minds focused on the same questions. More particularly, it’s your approach towards religion(s) that unites you the most. You have the same spiritual values and you develop in the same way when it comes to the needs of your fellow people. You will have frequent meetings and your intimate relationships are destined to develop. Your personalities complete each other well and you will share a common line of thought on many aspects.
A conflict, altercation, or jealousy at the professional or social level will appear or will make itself felt more strongly with a young man. This young man has against him his indifference and nonchalance towards human beings in general as well as with his own surroundings. He has a capricious temperament and he’s always prone to gossiping about everyone. His tendency to always put people against each other will closely affect you and will create prejudice in your environment. However, anger and vengeance won’t be useful to you and you’ll have to demonstrate more intelligence than him to thwart his stupid initiatives against you. His behaviour will demonstrate his obvious narrow mindedness and you’ll have to settle for polite and civilized reprimands or accusations against him so as not to fall into a ridiculous conflict with him. The idea of ignoring the ugly comments or gestures of this young man could also be the only valid alternative to confront his attacks against you. It’s clear that you’ll have to demonstrate judgment and perspicacity in your interactions with him and, if you play your game well, he’ll quickly end up discrediting himself in front of everyone (if this hasn’t already happened). In this sense, it’s mostly time, maturity, and patience that will settle things. The situation will surely end up turning in your favor, but on the condition that you know how to demonstrate restraint at the most critical moments.
A new achievement or a new job will be coming. You are arriving at a determining time and you’ll have to act. A project must be materialized. You have great things to accomplish and you’ll have to persevere to reach your goals. You’ll have to be demanding of yourself because you won’t be able to put off what you have to do for later. You’ll have to seek stability and balance required to carry out your project. The good advice that you have always given to others will now need to be applied to you. You will now been seen in a new light and your psychological strength will cast no more doubt about you. Your strength is great, and you only need to show it.
An aggression announces a definitive breakup. Be careful not to place blame, as you will be subject to a heartbreaking internal conflict. You must surrender to the failure of an interpersonal relationship and your impotence to go on to something else must be overcome. Be careful not to run away from reality, since this won’t achieve anything other than to perpetuate your agony.
An important visit, contact or interview will be postpones or cancelled. The person (m/f) with whom you have an appointment will act in a somewhat vague way. Their actions will not be without danger of harming you. You’ll have to be careful to keep your serenity and your free will despite the frustration it may cause you. Your missed encounter will hide a reality much different than what you’ve been led to think. However, you’ll be able to act according to your will in your project without intervention, support or consent from this person. Either way, the hand outstretched to you seems to hiding well-sharpened claws. The consequence of this cancellation will still be favorable to you, because this collaboration represented a certain contradiction with regard to your usual way of doing things. This bond will be broken, fortunately, because it is more harmful than useful. This person needs to develop in a nature different from yours and in the long term, they would only be a capricious and toxic ally to you.
You need to express yourself. You have a thought in your head, but you are either afraid to share it or you can’t manage to transmit it coherently. This is taking place at the love level. In all likelihood, you probably have a declaration of love to make. There are two possibilities that are diametrically opposed and that may explain your difficulty when facing with this situation: you either know little about the person concerned and you are haunted by the idea of ridiculing yourself, or you have known him/her for such a long time that you fear creating real uneasiness between you two. This is explained from a spiritual point of view, since these two possibilities are not necessarily incompatible and may, on the contrary, be connected. In fact, you may have met this person in a different world (before you were born, in a dream, a fantasy or something else), in a way that, regardless of the situation, it’s perfectly natural for you to experience the same feelings in both cases. Therefore, you are either afraid of rejection or you fear you will upset, indispose or displease this person. The message sent to you here is that you must believe in yourself, in your motives and in your good intentions. You need to be objective and stop doubting yourself. Disappointment is an eventuality but the possibility of letting the chance of your life pass you by would be even more unforgivable. Besides, two things are definitely certain: the first one is that you have already succeeded in standing out in the eyes of this person and that he/she likes to be in your company. And the second one is that this person respects you enormously and that he/she doesn’t have any intention to hurt you, embarrass you or ridicule you. In short, this person would be completely incapable of causing you harm without causing harm to him/herself.
Your spirit and knowledge shape your passion and your quest. You have strong passion and you seek to explain life’s great mysteries. Your path leads you towards the truth and to knowing yourself through the exploration of the great spiritual and scientific questions. You have yet to fully define your convictions and it’s your heart that guides you to think of others and listen to what they have to say. Your current path is leading you towards a personal retreat. You will retire from the world for a while in order to truly live out a sense of personal fulfillment. A young person whose star sign is Libra will guide you in your introspection. Through your search for solitude, he/she will help you to fill a void in your life. He/she will talk to you about self-realization and unconditional love. Key concepts: gardening, beach, searching for love, personal development, distancing, secret, reflection, adjustment, solitude, forthrightness, effort, satisfaction, Monday morning, the month of July.
Something is bringing you unease or to a loss in self confidence. However, your fears are unfounded and the difficulties you’re dreading are unjustified. You need to ignore this feeling that’s bothering you as much as possible because it is clearly out of place in your current situation. Rather, it seems that someone in your circle of acquaintances is trying to discourage you or trying to treat you like a child. Show your pride, for you have great abilities. You mustn’t let others judge you because nobody truly knows you. Sure, you have adjustments (or compromises) to make with regard to a plan you wish to carry out, but absolutely nothing is so restrictive here that you won’t be able to continue to make progress in your path. There is no doubt that your preoccupation has no reason to be. Take control of yourself and ignore what some people are saying. You are clearly closer to your goal than to your starting point. You can’t turn back because it would be simply foolish. You’ve reached the top of the mountain, and you only need to go down the other side. You have indeed managed to overcome your greatest obstacles, and it is clear that you’ll soon be rewarded for your efforts. So if someone tells you otherwise, it is only pure jealousy coming from them.
You are entering a period where you know little and which will make you experience great sensations. Each day will bring you surprises, so you will have to demonstrate flexibility in your interactions with others. You will be surprised by upcoming events and you will have to quickly adapt to certain situations. You will discover great beauties of this world and a person you love will make you experience magical and totally unforgettable moments. Reality will exceed your dreams.
You have to train or prepare yourself for a great event (athletic, intellectual or some other). You’ll have to show a great discipline and control and your mental effort will be significant. You’ll have to move away from your close ones for some time as you will have to completely devote yourself to train yourself. Achieving your goal is important and it is evident that you’ll have to put aside everything else, even if it affects your love or your family life. Given that you do not disappoint the others, they will be able to understand.
There is harmony within you. You are blossoming marvelously well. Currently, you are in a propitious place to undertake a close relationship with a new individual (m/f). On the other hand, the jealousy of someone close to you (m/f) is limiting your freedom of action. This being is set against you. S/he is acting virtually unconsciously without paying attention to your real needs. This state of affairs suggests that you have an obstacle that you will need to overcome if you want to persevere in your choices and maintain your life objectives. You will need to take charge of the situation and adopt an intransigent attitude, even if you have to confront a being with a special connection to you and a strong personality. This person opposes your projects and clearly demonstrates that s/he has no confidence in your capacity of judgment. It seems clear that you will have to take a stronger stand against his/her behavior, because this is about your freedom to make your own choices.Image

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