Tarot Card Reading April 2013


Oh Yeah…

An operation underway will allow a company you manage to expand. You will make significant progress in business and your future revenue will clearly prove it. More specifically, this will stem from a loan granted to you or even from a financial loss that will be avoided. A budget hardship will therefore be overcome because you will manage to consolidate your real debts or your long-term financial obligations. In short, a delay that has up to now been possible in a financial transaction will finally be avoided by a deft decision you will make. You will probably be skeptical when faced with your own success relating to this business prowess, so you will have to get used to having more confidence in your ability to overcome challenges that usually go along with managing a commercial business or a company that is growing. You are competent in what you do and the future will prove this to you. Your business strategy will lead you to true financial growth, and in the near future, some of your actions will propel you far ahead of your rivals.

You need someone to comfort you, there’s something that is making you feel sad and nostalgic. You witnessed an event that reminded you of a bad experience and this is affecting you in a distinctive way. There’s someone that loves you and he or she will give you a present to make you feel better, he or she will invite you along on a trip.

You will elude a trap that has been set for you. A certain man will try to deceive you to create a situation that will harm you. This man is cruel and ruthless toward others. He is demanding and brash with almost everyone. He finds tricking people to be something fun and insignificant. Although his many wrongdoings are often of little importance, they are still hurtful and humiliate his victims. Fortunately for you, you will easily recognize such tricks and will be able to watch out for them. You will be able to guess his evil intentions and counter any adverse action that he intends to make against you.

You are in a period where you do not wish to be disturbed. You do not feel at ease to be in a group and you prefer to attend to your occupations all on your own. You need solitude, because you are in a moment of your life where you need to meditate or to rethink your life. Indeed, you do not want to complain or be disliked by others, but you find solutions which make others perplexed. You do not wish to discuss your personal problems because you feel the need to live in peace with yourself. Be careful, however, to not isolate yourself too much because it is a question of balance. You have a trustworthy person not far from you and you can talk to him/her in all discretion. It is a question here of love and legitimacy or even legality. You are not satisfied and something must end. It is time for you to change an aspect of your current existence and you will have the advantage of support from someone close.

A financial opportunity is announced and it’ll be an important one. However, you’ll have to be careful with a young woman that will seek, on this occasion, to gain money through you. This young woman is very envious and she’ll demonstrate true jealousy towards what will present itself to you instead of her. You’ll have to be careful with her, as her thirst for money is very real and her excessive opportunism, always wanting to benefit from others, will intentionally lead her to act against you. Your financial success may frustrate her immensely and, because of this fact, she’ll surely try to give you advice that goes against your own interests. It’s clear that you’ll have an excellent business opportunity but this young woman will deliberately try to detour this opportunity towards her. You will thus have to distrust her kind words because this woman has a forked tongue. Losses in your gains can be expected if you allow yourself to become bewitched by her misleading words that will have the only objective of extracting money from you. You’ll especially have to show great prudence related to a possible pact with her as this woman is crafty and clever and she could eventually cause you important harm in a completely legal fashion.

You recently set upon the road to success, but something went wrong. There is no need for despair, because there is no need to start anything over. You must look at things objectively and not let yourself be influenced by your own (instinctive) reactions when faced with this event. Your temperament will be the determining factor of your future actions. You will soon receive a communication (by letter, telephone, email or another means) which will let you better understand what is expected of you. After this, you will get an appointment which will lead to you regain the upper hand on the situation. Do not let yourself become intimidated and you will win your point.

You will take yourself to the seaside. You will need to touch the water in its greatest chaos in order to bring yourself closer to one of the greatest forces of nature, that which creates and transforms life and which enables its perpetual regeneration. This water also represents freedom, movement and uninterrupted renewal. Here, nature is dominant and cannot be altered. It can recharge and make informed decisions. Your freedom of choice is wholly respected and no one can hinder your decision making. This also heralds your spiritual awakening at a crossroads. Your subconscious is fed by an invisible power that allows you to more precisely evaluate the possibilities open to you. Thanks to this force, you can clearly differentiate between what is good and what is bad for you. This may also symbolise that which you are presently doing faced with doubt of a spiritual nature and that you need an energy outside of your own in order to help you see more clearly in your difficulties. Fortunately, it is a weakness that can be surmounted. However, you must act accordingly to overturn it. The word overturn is the correct word, because you must transform this weakness into a strength. A message is transmitted to you: It is formally forbidden to allow you to infest by way of the malaise that infests you. You must act!

A need leads you to take pleasure in your imagination. You want to leave your repetitive tasks, and create the world rather than suffer by it. You have a taste for adventure, and as long as you stay put you’ll be unhappy. Hence you need the support of your close friends, because you’re afraid they feel abandoned. Whatever you do, the others will accept your decision and you don’t have to worry. Those closest to you love you and they know you well. Do what you want and don’t fear criticism, because your family will support you in all that you do. You have a pioneer’s personality and they’ve always known it. As far as they’re concerned, not doing what you want would be very unlike you. So you know what you have to do and liberate yourself.

You amass crystalline energy. This energy comes from your environment (nature, the cosmos and your entourage) and more specifically from one person whose love for you is infinite. This energy is healthy and it will protect you from illnesses and bad influences (negative forces from other people or unidentified entities). It has the ability to regenerate, so you can maintain it and make it grow within you. It will bring you health and will keep you away from the chaos of evil thoughts (depression or other). You quest for new knowledge will be facilitated and you will learn a lot from your life experiences. You will discover things as they really are and it will be extremely difficult to hide from these certainties. You’ll have a masterful ability to evolve and that will make you a wiser being throughout the course of your life. You will be someone who is very well-respected and the love you have for your loved ones will know no boundaries.

A tender, devoted friendship will make itself felt. It will come from a young woman whom you regard very highly. This young woman is noted for her deep sensitivity and uncommon artistic savoir-faire. Her presence will be comforting to you at a time when you’re experiencing some passing discouragement. You will greatly appreciate her devotion in wanting to come to your aid, and you will be able to count on it without any fear. She will forge her relationship with you with intuition, intelligence, and prudence to do better by you. She will help you shed your anxiety regarding a very specific situation, and she will lead you to judge actions you will have to take more coldly. You will experience an unstable, fragile situation, but this young woman will be there at the right time and will be a great comfort to you as you go through this ordeal.

You have heavy responsibilities. You must look after the welfare of a large number of people. You must protect and bring justice. Your human values are based on discernment, impartiality and integrity. Social conventions have a prominent place in your relations with others. Respect of hierarchy is a universal law for you. You know how to exercise great wisdom in decision making. Your actions always have a great impact in your community. You impress because you are a responsible person and also because you know how to contribute to the welfare of all. The community deeply esteems you and humanity at large is left better off.

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