The old hag says…

You have a plan in mind. This plan is not a dream, but is an obligation which you impose on yourself. You have no choice – you absolutely have to realise it. This plan has a very precise goal and you will do everything to achieve it. You are determined to acquit yourself of your task, regardless of the time and effort necessary. Here, failure is not an option and disappointment is not possible. You believe in yourself, your intentions are good and you will not give up.


Love from someone close to you is irreversible and will follow you forever, even after death. It is a woman who has unfailing love for you. She is an exceptional mother, and she is mainly characterized by her gentleness and her great sense of her responsibilities. You have gone a long way with her and your relationship is and will always be private and privileged. This woman doesn’t always show her feelings because your happiness matters above all else. She always works hard to adapt to any situation, as complex as they may be, and she shows great disappointment when she doesn’t do as well as she wants to. She is human and energetic – she often tends to feel guilty for you – but she is undeniably your greatest friend and your greatest ally. She is your mother and she wants to give you everything. So, honor her as much as she deserves and as much as you can, because you won’t always have such a good opportunity to do so.


You amass crystalline energy. This energy comes from your environment (nature, the cosmos and your entourage) and more specifically from one person whose love for you is infinite. This energy is healthy and it will protect you from illnesses and bad influences (negative forces from other people or unidentified entities). It has the ability to regenerate, so you can maintain it and make it grow within you. It will bring you health and will keep you away from the chaos of evil thoughts (depression or other). You quest for new knowledge will be facilitated and you will learn a lot from your life experiences. You will discover things as they really are and it will be extremely difficult to hide from these certainties. You’ll have a masterful ability to evolve and that will make you a wiser being throughout the course of your life. You will be someone who is very well-respected and the love you have for your loved ones will know no boundaries.


A young woman is anxious. She underwent a separation and it has been very difficult for her to recover from it. She feels like she is in a long and unending dark corridor and she needs help to return to the light. This is a person in your social circle, but with whom you have no close connection. In fact, her lover has deceived her and she did not see it coming. Her thoughts are scattered and she is in a true state of emotional shock. The development of this affair was surreptitious and without any distrust and the discovery of this situation was brutal. This young woman now feels deeply betrayed and she has painfully discovered her great weakness on an emotional level. Although you cannot change things, you can talk to her and she will listen to you. She does not know who to trust anymore and you can be her lifeline. From the astrological point of view, this young woman is a Leo. For her, a very significant event took place one Sunday night in April.


The emotional bond you have with someone you regularly come into contact with will increase. This person will unconsciously, but surly, develop very loving feelings for you, following the often playful and animated encounters that take place more and more frequently between the two of you. This person’s virtue is their authority or their charisma over others. They have a very engaging personality, if a little reserved. They are higher up the social scale than you and you will be very flattered by the particular attention they pay to you. This person is undeniably attracted to you. Moreover, they are on the point of making surprising confessions to you that will be unexpected or rather confusing given the circumstance that link the two of you together.


Someone is doing everything possible for you to be interested in him/her. You don’t know this person for long. You haven’t noticed this person until now. This individual has great characteristics but is also quite stubborn. He/she is determined to create an emotional bond with you and he/she won’t give up. He/she is about to take a trip and if possible, he/she would love to take you along. You know who it is. He/she has received an inheritance during the past year. You have spoken with him/her and this person has told you about it.


Someone will soon leave on a trip to come and see you. This person lives very far from you and his/her trip requires lots of preparations. Given the distance, he/she will use a collective means of transport which is intended for long distances (plane, train, coach or other). This person is of the opposite sex to you. He/she has a domestic animal at home. It is also a question of a hospital or a doctor in this revelation.


You must pursue your dreams. If you don’t, you need to be aware that people will judge you based on your accomplishments. Your projects may seem crazy from other peoples’ perspectives, but for you, they are stimulating and within reach. Don’t let other people talk you out of this, because many are jealous of what they cannot accomplish themselves. You are right, they aren’t. Your house belongs to you and you can organize it the way you want. You can remodel it your way and you have the right to be eccentric. You have been interested by specific pieces of furniture for a while and now is the right time to purchase them. It doesn’t matter how you finance your projects, you will know how to maintain a stable budget even though other people may say otherwise. Your judgment is good and you will stay within boundaries. A legacy will follow you and you will know how to make a good use out of it.


You have a deep desire to solve a conflict within your family. This conflict distresses you a great deal. You have a direct connection with the people concerned and your emotional wound toward this situation is persistent. Besides, even if you are not directly implicated, you are probably the person that suffers the most from this conflict. This causes you constant worries and if nothing changes, you will need time to resign yourself to the irreversibility of the situation. Key concepts: very close woman, astrological sign of Aries, earth, plane, airport, negligence, sterility, in search of financial security, new professional encounter, well-considered action, money gained in a game of chance, Tuesday, morning, month of February.


You must listen closely to something that a person from your environment will tell you. This person is a man who is older than you. His astrological sign is Sagittarius and he has authority over others. Even though he will not do it deliberately or intentionally, this man will make you understand yourself better and gain more confidence in yourself. His words will go with what you feel and what you wish to hear. He will teach you not to force events or he may convince you not to attempt to influence a person that you love. He will understand your problem and you will be very surprised by his great support and his protective attitude toward you. This man understands well what you are going through and he will give you precious and knowledgeable advice that will benefit you if taken into account. Key words: fishing, farm, agriculture, negotiation, justice, decision, test, tolerance, big news, new departure, Friday afternoon, August.


You will receive a gift, but it will not be a materialistic gift. It will be an emotional gift. It can be a gesture or a love connection. This gift will not be intended to seduce you, but rather to make you happy or fulfill a need you have. This gift is both powerful and dangerous. It may enter into your heart as well as pull you into a great confusion. Everything will depend on your perception of the reality at this time. The person who will offer you this gift belongs to the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. He/she will communicate with you on a Friday night. He / she has a sexual energy that needs to be appeased, but he/she has a poor health, which forces him/her to rest and to take care of himself/herself more than most of the people. Keywords: beach, hunting, intensity, sensitivity, need, self-questioning, month of January.


Be wary of a woman who is new in your circle of acquaintances. She likes to joke around, but it’s really just to hide her real intentions. Be careful of her unbridled friendliness because some of her actions are not sincere. This woman is destructive and she particularly likes to exploit others, and even more so when love and sexuality are involved. This is a question of money and unfaithfulness. This woman has the ability to cause you great financial problems. You must be sure to limit her leeway against you, or else she will cause you real trouble.

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