That Old Hag’s Got My Number…

You will find common ground with a person opposed to one of your projects. This person is a woman somewhat younger than you. She holds an opinion contrary to yours in terms of a financial transaction. She is associated with you on the professional level. It is probably a colleague at work, or a very good friend with whom you entertain a business relationship on a regular basis. Your affective relationship is sincere, and you share the same level of spiritual evolution. As a rule, she has confidence in you and she takes a lot of motivation from you. This time, however, she is in complete disagreement with you and she has decided to stop you in your endeavours. She is stubborn; therefore you will have to be perceptive vis-à-vis her. Whatever it is all about, you are fortunate, as this women is about to commit a decisive error. Her mistake will prove you right. You will also benefit from the support of an influential person during the conclusion of this business matter.


You’re completely free to make a decision you must make. You’re a responsible and independent person and no one will oppose your decision. You don’t usually make decisions lightly and, because of this, you have the respect and trust of others. You will have to submit yourself to a judicial or administrative system but this will give you an advantage and will allow you to thrive more than you think. Your current situation is definitely favorable to you and you don’t have to be afraid of failure. There’s a balance between your will and the expectations of others and the moment couldn’t have been better chosen for you to move forward with your process. Your efforts will be rewarded.


The return of a loved one is to be expected. A young woman for whom you feel a lot of affection and whom you’ve lost contact with or currently lives far away from you will come back into your entourage in the next few months. You’ll easily recognize this young woman by her exceptional qualities, which are specific to her. She has a great ease to share her ideas and influence people when she’s in a group. She’s generally as talented at an intellectual level as she is in her activities and manual work. Her thoroughness and her sense of precision are remarkable, making her very sought-after at a professional level. For a reason that won’t necessarily be obvious at the beginning, she’ll feel the need to come back into your entourage. Major changes will be imposed on her life and she’ll experience the need to come back to recharge in an environment that is more familiar or at least more natural to her. Her friendship with you will be reborn and it will inevitably grow.


You have a wish that seems unrealistic, but which will still come true. Its realization will be possible after you receive a lesson. You’ll have to get a document (diploma, certificate, license or similar) in order to be able to realize this dream. In order to receive this teaching, you must give up a goal or habit you have now. You need to rethink your current situation in order to better understand your options. You’ll get a fantastic opportunity and you’ll need to take advantage of it.


You are living through a period of radical change. Some significant upheavals will take place in your existence. You will be called upon to travel and to discover new worlds and new peoples. You will experience extraordinary events entirely different from what you are accustomed to. Your travels will help you develop on a human level and your perspective on life will be completely transformed. You will become more psychologically sensitive and your interactions with the outside world will become more successful and more numerous. You will become more receptive to the unusual and you will grow enormously as a spiritual being.


Your internal balance has been upset by a problem that you can’t quite put your finger on. You need an answer but you don’t really know where the crux of the matter lies (body, spirit or soul). This is a source of anxiety and causing you to work and function in a way that is less and less rational. A man will come to your aid. He is younger than you and born under the sign of Capricorn. He is cunning and courageous. He travels by plane regularly and his work is linked to judicial affairs. Key words: infertile, ritual, trial, new job, Tuesday night, month of November.


A break in your life journey was to be expected for some time. Yes, you were right, but you must remember that this situation is only temporary. Your hands are tied, so be careful for now to not make any promises you cannot keep. You have very little control over events currently, so it is better to stay on the defensive rather than to attempt an intervention that would have virtually no effect other than to make you waste your energy unnecessarily. You must think of yourself now, because others are too busy taking care of their personal problems. You must fight the ingratitude of some with indifference and insensitivity. A man not much older than you is going to leave. He was only passing through in your existence and will no longer be present in your life. You are closely concerned by a divorce or permanent separation. It is the divorce of a family member (woman), or of an intimate friend (possibly even your own if you are a woman). Fortunately, the shock will be short-lived. So it is useless for you to spend sleepless nights worrying about the insecurity of the present moment because everything will be much better soon. Hang on to your passions because they are what will keep you from distress and vulnerability. Here, it is your force of character that will make all the difference.


An operation underway will allow a company you manage to expand. You will make significant progress in business and your future revenue will clearly prove it. More specifically, this will stem from a loan granted to you or even from a financial loss that will be avoided. A budget hardship will therefore be overcome because you will manage to consolidate your real debts or your long-term financial obligations. In short, a delay that has up to now been possible in a financial transaction will finally be avoided by a deft decision you will make. You will probably be skeptical when faced with your own success relating to this business prowess, so you will have to get used to having more confidence in your ability to overcome challenges that usually go along with managing a commercial business or a company that is growing. You are competent in what you do and the future will prove this to you. Your business strategy will lead you to true financial growth, and in the near future, some of your actions will propel you far ahead of your rivals.


You must be wary of the questionable motives of a person. Someone asks you something under a false pretense. This person says he/she wants to improve your situation whereas his/her real motive is to make a selfish acquisition at your expense. He/she does not respect social conventions and he/she feels no shame to get a good or money from you. You should not trust him/her because he/she deceives you and he/she will do you harm.


A woman will try to take something that is yours. This woman is known for her frivolous morals and emotional or sexual infidelity. Her habits and actions are exasperating most of the time. Her desire to desperately want to take something that is yours from you will be surprising and most of all daring. You must be on the watch against her actions, because she could even succeed in luring people close to you with unsuspected hypocrisy. Therefore you must assert yourself more against her or else she will be able to succeed in substantially harming you if you cannot or if you do not take the decision to stop her quickly!


A person wants to be friends with you, but he/she avoids talking about their past with you. This person has a secret past that he/she does not want to reveal. This person’s behavior is very intriguing and stirs even more curiosity. This person has lived through a personal tragedy that he/she is trying to forget and perhaps one must not insist too much for the moment. You must respect this person’s intimacy. He/she will confide in you later on when the circumstances will be better suited.


A great joy is coming and is located at the family level. You will live a great happiness with your loved ones. An ideal of life (or a dream) will be reached and harmony will reign in your close family (the loved one and/or children). In this event, it certainly comes about a trip that you will do. However, this great happiness will not come by itself. It’s you who will have to prepare it and it’s you who will be responsible for it. By being reasonable in its planning that its success will be assured. This happiness will be immense and it will give you a great joy of living.

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