A Book

Books are incredible technological breakthrough of their time. The clever design, simple setup, and ease of use will cause revolutionary breakthroughs and is sure to last through the ever changing advancement in technology. Books are sleek, simple and portable with no wiring, no batteries and no circuits to deal with. Designed for ease of use, even a small child can operate it, just pick it up and lift the cover to open a new world of adventure and creativity. Light compact and so portable a it can be used virtually anywhere, inside, outside by the fireplace in a recliner and even at the doctors office. It’s being called the entertainment wave of the future, just open it  and begin. There are no special set up or services required and it can be picked up at anytime and used — all that is necessarily is opening it up. Sounds too simple you say? Too good to be true? Well it is an incredible product I tell you and you will never regret purchasing one. Due to the simplicity of its design it will never crash and will never need to be rebooted. To access the handy browse feature all that is necessary is turning the page which you can use to move forward and then back to the beginning again. Simplicity at it’s finest! Books also come with a handy index feature which is typically within the first few pages and this can be used to pinpoint the pages where information can be reviewed, also there are no limits to the number of times you can access the information and most importantly no time limits.  Notations and personal notes can also be made next to book entries for later retrieval. Personal notes can be made by using a handy  programming tool called the “Portable Erasable Nib Cryptic Intercommunication Language Stylus typically called Pencils.”   The Book and its programming tool the Pencil will surely be around for many generations to come. Having been dispensed worldwide already, will this be the end of the personal computer?







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