My Tarot Card Reading



You find yourself in a garden. You must find your way through this garden. It represents your life on Earth. Many opportunities are available to you, and these are all good opportunities, but only one fits you perfectly. Thoroughly explore your surroundings before taking your choice. You have a unique creative power but you must find your way. A path will show itself to be better than others and it is this path that will lead you to your full potential. You can realise all of your dreams, but you must first know yourself. You have wants and needs and they should be fulfilled in their due time.
A marriage is to come. It is a man that you know well and this man has a son. Even if this man is in love, he has never really thought of getting married. It is a woman that has convinced him. The son of this man loves a woman more than his father. It is either his own mother or the woman with whom his father will get married to. However, given the age of the child, here we are talking about a love which is relative and with little importance. In short, everything indicates that you are one of the people who will get married. If you are already married, this could then mean that you will later on experience a new love adventure and this will end up with a new marriage. If you feel that that doesn’t concern you, it’s because you will soon be invited to the wedding of a very close friend who you love very much and who has a child (son). It’s a person you have already been associated with and that one day, made you seriously think of marriage.
Your instinct is your great strength. Your intuition guides you well – it’s a gift you have. This gift serves you well in your work and in general in your professional life, and helps you a great deal in your relations with others. You will go on a business trip or a holiday of adventure and while there you will meet a woman and you will develop a long-term relationship with her. Thanks to her, your trip will be one of rest and escape and a real holiday. You will not see this woman very often afterwards, but you will stay in constant touch by post, telephone, Internet or by other means. Your instinct will lead you to trust her and you will become great friends despite the distance between you. On special occasions you will see this woman again, and each time it will be memorable and very joyful. This person will become an eternal source of inspiration and you will like her very much.

You must make a stand because you are in a precarious situation. You are now in a position of imbalance and which benefits an opportunistic person who is close to you. You’ve decided to dedicate yourself to an activity that will harm you in the long run and it has already begun to hurt you. You have false hopes and you are getting the wrong idea because of someone else’s lies. This person only seeks to take advantage of your naiveté by making you dream with his/her pretty words. You’re out of your league and he/she knows it. He/she can tell you anything and you have no way of verifying the veracity of his/her statements. You are being manipulated and you must remove yourself from this awkward position and return to what you know best. This person is looking for your love (more or less sincere) or to seduce you and he/she has no intention to keep his/her promises. He/she wants to lead you to make a choice which in reality you do not have to make. This person works with you or is part of your professional environment. He/she is trying to get you to change jobs, retire or give up everything for him/her. His/her words are absurd and you should ignore them. So you must make a stand and take your position as soon as possible before someone else steals it from you.

You have been on the defensive for a bit of a long time. You need to rest. Your family is calling you and you need to remove yourself from the heat of the action for a certain amount of time. Someone has to take over and this person is a man who is older than you and whose astrological sign is Cancer. This man has the duty to assure your protection. He has a dominant personality and he can easily impose his authority onto others. You must not hesitate to give up your place to him, because when faced with adversity, he has an unshakeable determination. His capacity in confronting his opponents is dreadful and he can easily push away those that cause you difficulties. Keywords: train, ocean, determination, leadership, stubbornness, deterioration, illness, protection, movement, power, Saturday night, month of February.
The knowledge that you have acquired will be profitable for you. There will be balance and harmony between your decisions and your actions. You are entering an era of splendor, and everything will go well for you. Your knowledge will allow you to understand the inner workings of things and the results that will be necessary for you to realize a dream. You will be able to make your assets turn a profit for you. There will be relationships and exchanges. Dialogue will be essential, and it will enrich or consolidate your existing links. You will be able to find similarities between things that are fundamentally different and you will mange to prove that you are very creative in your initiatives that are aimed at establishing your dominance over your rivals. It is certain that you have had to work for a long time to get there, and you will be greatly rewarded. Whether you are isolated in a hidden corner or at the head of a group in the midst of chaos, you will find a way to exercise your power, and do it very intelligently.


You will receive a positive response to a professional, administrative or legal request. Your earnestness has been noted and a person with decision-making authority wants to help you. This person will even guide you to assure that you achieve the goals of your project. Your enthusiasm will pay off. You will take advantage of a business opportunity and your good judgement will lead you to financial gain.

A being from beyond, probably an angel, has been sent to you and has recently come into your life to guide and direct you, and help you change your life. This angel was assigned to you personally and is there just for you. He or she is telling you that you must make a “MAJOR” change in your life, and that this change is absolutely necessary. We’re talking about a really extraordinary, remarkable change in how you think, interpret life signs, and interact with other people. Currently you are facing a change that few people are called on to make in their lives, and this change will be crucial to your entire future on earth. In fact, because of your recent decisions, this transition is inevitable, and this angel was sent to ask you to leave your old life for a new one. His or her mission will be complete only when you comply with that request. In other words, as long as you don’t change as you are asked to, this angel will suffer for your bad decisions just as much as he or she will share the joy of your achievements. This means you are responsible for loving this angel, or deeply hurting him or her. Your burden is heavy because an angel’s happiness is in your hands. This angel has a lot of love to give you, and you must trust him or her. He or she has tremendous power and is capable of striking down people who try to put obstacles your way. It’s possible that you’re afraid of this new life and what it will require of you, but you must show courage, because you’re destined to have a wonderful life. This angel is now your faithful ally and will never leave you.

You have a full life and you manage unforeseen circumstances well. You project the image of a fulfilled, well-balanced and happy person, even if simple, everyday joys are not constantly in your path. Luckily, you know how to get by with little and you always manage to rise above situations with composure and elegance. You have a great respect for others and you never seek to play at being better than them. Your motto is “quality before quantity” and those close to you very much appreciate your wisdom. You like the comfort of your home and you love to embellish your surroundings. You are passionate about gardening and you undeniably admire nature in all its forms.

A conjugal situation begins and it is there to last. A wish will come true and endure over time. It is about a life blessing, whether on the love level or family. More precisely, you are in a context of coupling at the love level or in a position of fertility from a physiological point of view. Therefore, this can suggest almost anything between meeting the love of your life and giving birth to a child. This situation is also linked to a park and flowers. An event takes place in the nature during the holidays. The sun shines, so, great happiness will be born.

Someone is trying to make you doubt yourself in order to steal something that belongs to you or that you have every right to. This person covets your possessions out of pure jealousy. He or she is even prepared to fight for them. Here we’re speaking of an inheritance, an allowance, a gift or something else in that category. This possession represents a major part of your happiness or your material (or financial) well-being, and you must protect it. You absolutely must be more discreet or secretive about the information you pass on to this person, because that can hurt you. This person is envious and possessive and constantly covets things that are totally useless to him or her, just because he or she doesn’t like knowing that other people are better off than he or she is. Above all, you must not sign an agreement or a contract with this person. You must not make any kind of commitment to him or her, in any way, shape or form, because this person is deliberately trying to trick you.


You are lacking in energy. You are used to working hard, but the passion just isn’t there anymore. You need to make some changes in your life, and quickly! You are usually quite resistant to illness, but this could change if you do not react now. You need to get fit as fast as possible, and you will achieve it by trying new things. Your remedy is travel. You need to get out and explore the world. Go on a trip, meet new people and discover new places. Go in search of wonder. This wonderment will fill you with a new energy and will give you back your enthusiasm for life. Key words: love, fragile health, departure, time, a friend whose star sign is Aries, Thursday morning, July, planet Earth, flowers, enchantment.


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