Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart, remembered from one of her college psyc classes.

She saw that a woman had commented on that post of his. The one about having a six pack, which he had posted and which was only to fish for attention, otherwise his page remained silent. This coming from out of nowhere and by some woman instantly sent her into a rage, feeling betrayed in some way.
Thinking back she remembers all of the times that he had said ” I don’t know these people” and “I’m not doing anything wrong” yeah right she thinks. Wanting to trust so much she blindly gave faith and trust to all that he tells her.
This can’t be right being ignored and feeling so lonely, while he has time for social network friends and not me, she thinks, he doesn’t even bother to say hi anymore.

That’s it she exclaims to the empty room, standing up with a force and marching over to the computer

“I guess I need to fix my friends issues cause I tend to get disappointed too easily by them” she says as if someone is in the room listening. “It’s time for me to find a relationship, find someone who will love me, respect me, be kind to me and be willing to take care if me.” Tired of the excuses and lies she decides to end this friendship once and for all! “I’m going to give him a piece of my mind” she grumbles under her breath.

Now facing the computer and her decision, she freezes up losing what she had built up to say. Thinking back a warm fuzzy feeling takes hold and she wonders how life will be without him. That crazy fall night when they first met at a Halloween party,  staring at her from across the room it was almost criminal the way he looked at her. 


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