Past, Present, Future Tarot Card Reading

Will be posting readings here as I get done, updating frequently.

5/22/13  Self reading, no question Daily spread

Feelings of being overwhelmed with choices in regards to relationships, immobilized not knowing what to do. Imagining all sorts of possibilities yet making no decisions, letting things pass by. It is time to cut through the B.S. and clarify the situation get down to the truth of things, like why is it that you don’t want to give anyone who ask you out a chance? Are you lying to yourself? Use mental clarity to discern what’s really going on here, be honest with yourself. An unexpected event will cause upheaval in your day but will turn out much better than how it began as you continue your quest for peace and healing.

7 of cups,         Ace of Swords,        the Tower,       Knight of Cups,        the Star

5/19/13 Client female General reading

In the past personal pride (vanity) is what guided in in decision making regarding men/relationship, which has caused you quite a bit of discomfort. Good news now is that in the future you will use good judgement regarding choices in relationships, thinking instead of acting on impulse. The Queen shows us to make decisions in a no nonsense kind of way.

6 of Wands     The Emperor     Queen of Swordse – 27    General Reading


Coming to terms with devotion, spirituality, intuition, & connections and what is required. “The real world” and what it will take to move forward successfully. You understand and you must continue to move forward if you want your dreams to materialize. Move forward and do what it takes to realize your dreams, make them come true. The Universe is supporting your goals. Insisting that you keep your dreams alive!

5/19/13    Self General Reading

Feelings of isolation from your destiny, coming out of a place/situations that weren’t necessarily right for you. Being with the wrong crowd. Also you are letting your financial situation keep you from your loved ones. Loneliness due to your own stubborn self-control, quit trying to control everything that you do relax and have some fun. Let go, go out and be yourself!

The Hermit     4 Pentacles        2 Pentacles

5/18/13   Client: Female over 40 General Reading (advice, no question)

You will be talking truthfully with someone very soon, settling a misunderstanding. This will be an older man who possibly a police officer. He would like to reconnect. Understand the essence of that power –the Emperor and King of Swords  combination before you speak, or prior to acting on an influential person’s request.

This will happen very soon, within a week.(The very next day 5/19/13)

Ace of Swords         The Emperor     The King of Sword


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