Tarot Card Reading – Sometimes in love, you love badly, or you don’t truly love at all

Sometimes, you love badly, but you don’t love too much. You’ll need to change your approach in your amorous relationships. Certain pitfalls may be eliminated if you act differently. You’re on a good path and you can reach your goals, so it’s useless to lose hope because everything can get better.
Prosperity is on its way. Your wealth will grow from your efforts. You are on your way to making a great fortune through your work and tenacity. You will get a new business proposition and your long-term financial stability will soon be secure. You will join up with a man in your close circle in something to do with a transaction or a very promising opportunity. However, you must realize that this man doesn’t have as much maturity as you and you’ll have to lead him to be more serious in his undertaking. Even if he has a lot of respect for you and for what you do, this man will not be able to follow you indefinitely. His confidence in himself is lacking and you’ll eventually have to continue on your way alone and independently. When the time comes, you’ll surely suffer great pain to see this man leave the ship, but in the long term, it will be for the best. With time, you’ll become independent in your enterprise (commerce, business or something else) and this will let you prosper more constantly and more quickly. You’ll blossom wonderfully in business and everything you will gain will be obviously much deserved.
You will find common ground with a person opposed to one of your projects. This person is a woman somewhat younger than you. She holds an opinion contrary to yours in terms of a financial transaction. She is associated with you on the professional level. It is probably a colleague at work, or a very good friend with whom you entertain a business relationship on a regular basis. Your affective relationship is sincere, and you share the same level of spiritual evolution. As a rule, she has confidence in you and she takes a lot of motivation from you. This time, however, she is in complete disagreement with you and she has decided to stop you in your endeavours. She is stubborn; therefore you will have to be perceptive vis-à-vis her. Whatever it is all about, you are fortunate, as this women is about to commit a decisive error. Her mistake will prove you right. You will also benefit from the support of an influential person during the conclusion of this business matter.
You must master your love life. Your love is true and reasonable, but something opposes it. You should question the path you take to succeed in your love life. Your needs and desires are in harmony; however someone compels you to act in contradiction to your aspirations. You’ll have to adjust yourself, because currently you do not have the full authority over your life and your destiny. The answer to this situation requires moderation, but you must not compromise. You must create a balance between you and the person who hinders you. You must not seek to influence that person, because by doing so, you only increase his/her dominance over you. Even if you do not agree with him/her, you need not tell or show it to him/her. Presumably, you will have to act and cunningly deceive him/her. Show that you are weak and you will weaken him/her. Less you react, the faster you conquer him/her.
You will take yourself to the seaside. You will need to touch the water in its greatest chaos in order to bring yourself closer to one of the greatest forces of nature, that which creates and transforms life and which enables its perpetual regeneration. This water also represents freedom, movement and uninterrupted renewal. Here, nature is dominant and cannot be altered. It can recharge and make informed decisions. Your freedom of choice is wholly respected and no one can hinder your decision making. This also heralds your spiritual awakening at a crossroads. Your subconscious is fed by an invisible power that allows you to more precisely evaluate the possibilities open to you. Thanks to this force, you can clearly differentiate between what is good and what is bad for you. This may also symbolise that which you are presently doing faced with doubt of a spiritual nature and that you need an energy outside of your own in order to help you see more clearly in your difficulties. Fortunately, it is a weakness that can be surmounted. However, you must act accordingly to overturn it. The word overturn is the correct word, because you must transform this weakness into a strength. A message is transmitted to you: It is formally forbidden to allow you to infest by way of the malaise that infests you. You must act!
You are impressed by somebody who seems to possess all the things which are important to you in love. This person is available and listens to you. You want to get advice from him/her, not in order to solve a problem, but to get closer to him/her. You are so attracted to him/her that you are secretly giving up something else in order to be around him/her. In fact, every time you meet with this person, you are doing so at the expense of someone else with whom you already have a commitment. Your mind has clearly been taken over by the desire to be unfaithful and these thoughts clearly run counter to the most basic principles you live by. You definitely would never have wanted to find yourself in this situation, yet here you are. Be careful because your dignity is at stake and you now have to think about every little move you make. This person is a little bit younger than you and moves in your professional circles. His/her star sign is Cancer and he/she is full of incredible kindness and the most captivating charm. Key concepts: sun, fire, charm, pride, distrust of yourself, a surge of love, emotional fragility, creativity, a forbidden closeness, a problem with the law, decision, restraint, Wednesday, afternoon, the month of May.


Your work with a young woman will be heavy. Your projects with her are favorable but difficult to bring to completion. On the other hand, your relationship with her will become harmonious and permanent. Your personalities complete each other and there will be very good complicity between you two. This young woman has a natural charm but her naivety often leads her to mishaps with men. She has difficulty discovering real love and she’s been deeply hurt by a man. You’ll help her find the courage she needs to take joy in her activities again. This young woman has numerous assets but she hasn’t yet understood how to use them wisely. She contemplates a stable relationship but she doesn’t manage to get herself in the right track. You’ll have the possibility of showing her how to use her strengths and master her weaknesses. You have great affinity with this young woman and your relationship will extend for many years.

You’ll need to appear suspicious as someone will attempt a transaction with you through deceit. This person will try to reverse a situation to his or her benefit. It’d be good to distance yourself or to sever your ties to him or her since this person doesn’t really deserve your friendship. A change is announced and you’ll need to reconsider your situation from a new angle so as to not allow yourself to take a path that isn’t for you. It’ll be absolutely necessary to study well all the offers you get so as to not allow yourself to be fooled by someone that doesn’t deserve your trust. You currently feel a need to share but you could have more extracted from you than you want to give. This person will feel no remorse to try to abuse your kindness or generosity. Your intuition will be useful to you. Make an effort and you’ll be able to read his or her thoughts and avoid a shocking and shameful fraud from him or her.

You are about to take flight. You’re going to free yourself from a restraint. You will be creative and you will embark on an adventure. The forces of nature are good to you and they will let you free yourself of social or moral burdens. Your skills, both physical and mental, will be exploited, and they will allow you to enhance your race and your flight with each step you’re going through. You will be supported by a young person who is part of your social environment. This person is passionate and committed, and he/she likes to engage in philosophical discussions that have no end. He/she is of the astrological sign of Libra and his/her pursuit of happiness is valiant and triumphant. He/she is probably a physician or something related to medicine or to the easing of suffering. On a more specific point, he/she had a serious (or tragic) problem when he/she was a child and now occupies much of his/her time trying to prevent this kind of misfortune from happening to other children. On your side, your quest will be ambitious, so you must do your best to be vigilant, to stick to the best approaches and to dodge tricks and sacrifices. Keywords: ocean, mountain, confluence, good friend, achieve, affection, Friday morning, October.

Someone will share a secret with you. Someone around you will entrust you with a secret and will ask you to remain silent about what he/she will tell you. It will be something embarassing, awkward or compromising. It will be related to an unconventional sexual practice. This person desires you and he/she will tell you. This desire can take different forms but it’s definitely of a nature that can make you feel confused or uncomfortable.

A woman-friend of a woman-friend will be no friend of yours. A woman older than you who has a special relationship with a woman-friend of yours (work colleague) will cause you great aggravation. This woman will deliberately try to discredit you in your friend’s eyes during a transaction involving a large sum of money. Her meanness toward you will be eloquent and you will be completely powerless against what she will say against you. It is advisable that you watch out for her and that you don’t try to confront her because she is clearly more hardened than you in the art of destroying a reputation. It will be better to ignore her as much as possible in order to limit her actions. This woman is conceited, so don’t even try to convince her that you’re right because you’ll only give her more ammunition to take you down in your friend’s eyes.

Final Outcome

 You dream of a better world, but you aren’t always realistic. You like to engage in contemplation, to imagine things and to think big, but you often are under the impression that you don’t have control over much of anything. Even if you are very sociable and you can’t do without the presence of others, you also enjoy working along, for this leaves you with more of a sense of being in charge of your projects. You are engaged in an activity (sports, hobby or other) with a man who is a Pisces. You met him for the first time in the month of September. This man is younger than you. He has the advantages of manual dexterity and an artistic sense. He is sensitive and has a keen sense for precision. He loves animals and boating, and he is probably an amateur fisherman. He is generous and kind, and you like to speak about business together. You share a secret. Nobody else is in on it, and you will be having a critical meeting about this subject one Friday evening. It’s happening very soon


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