General Tarot reading – Self 5/25/13


You will win a great victory. This victory will be closely linked to your love life and to your enjoyment of life in general. You will have to be intuitive and make a quick decision. You will prepare yourself for some bad news, but events will take a completely opposite course. It will have something to do with beauty and love, but also with money and art. In space-time, these events will take place shortly after a funeral you will attend. From that moment on, you will clearly enter into a period of abundance in your life. This abundance is primarily on an emotional level. Gentleness, tenderness and joy await you and will permanently take hold in your everyday life. You will reap what you sow, i.e. the instinct of happiness and satisfaction of a finished piece of work.

An interpersonal situation presents itself in a strange or very unusual way. You have a reason to feel suspicious as your presumptions are founded. This is a question of a person (m/f) who loves you but who is only in your life in passing. This person is closely connected to cars and/or automobile driving. You must solve an enigma, as things are not as clear as they should be. This person is sincere but his/her lifestyle is set according to a cycle that is constantly restarting. This person hardly learns anything from his/her mishaps and everything is constantly to be reviewed in his/her life. It will be difficult for you to establish a stable relationship with him/her, as nothing is long lasting in his/her projects for the future. An upcoming real estate transaction will announce the real choices that you will have to make.

A man and a woman desperately need your help. They have a child and they are reaching out to you. You are asked to show generosity. You are an inspiration for these people and you have to open yourself to humanitarian aid, in any form. Until now, you have accomplished great things, but that is insignificant with regard to the hope you can transmit to people in need. In this way, you will enter into contact with a friend, a courageous and tolerant woman, a Friday evening in February. This friend’s astrological sign is Virgo and she has recently experienced mortality in her entourage. This woman can lead you to fulfill your good intentions. She is devoted and she will guide you. Her wisdom is great and her honesty is pure. Key-words: Aid, support, humanitarian organization, subsistence, weapon, war, prudence, altruism, wisdom, self-sacrifice.

A break in your life journey was to be expected for some time. Yes, you were right, but you must remember that this situation is only temporary. Your hands are tied, so be careful for now to not make any promises you cannot keep. You have very little control over events currently, so it is better to stay on the defensive rather than to attempt an intervention that would have virtually no effect other than to make you waste your energy unnecessarily. You must think of yourself now, because others are too busy taking care of their personal problems. You must fight the ingratitude of some with indifference and insensitivity. A man not much older than you is going to leave. He was only passing through in your existence and will no longer be present in your life. You are closely concerned by a divorce or permanent separation. It is the divorce of a family member (woman), or of an intimate friend (possibly even your own if you are a woman). Fortunately, the shock will be short-lived. So it is useless for you to spend sleepless nights worrying about the insecurity of the present moment because everything will be much better soon. Hang on to your passions because they are what will keep you from distress and vulnerability. Here, it is your force of character that will make all the difference.

A bad experience in the past is still haunting you. It is hard for you to erase an amorous relationship that ended badly from your memory. However, it is not crucial that you forget, because on the contrary, this will let you grow up in wisdom. The only important thing is that you manage to deal with your emotions and your state of feelings. You are someone who is psychologically strong and with determination, it is certain that you can overcome your emotional pain, even the biggest ones. Your life is (necessarily) a continuous learning process and there is no doubt that you will manage to discover the lesson to take away from this hardship.

A strongly negative perspective or a severe attack to your human or spiritual integrity is coming shortly. However, faced with this perspective, and before being able to suffer too much from it, you will get precious and unexpected help to fight it. This means that an excessive obstacle on the civil or moral level will undermine the very legitimacy of your most personal life-journey, but that against all odds, you will get the help necessary to overcome it. This obstacle will emerge like a mountain or a great burden, yet at the same time, a benevolent help will show up and will work to recover your ability to overcome your greatest difficulties at the moment. When you least expect it, you will be able to take control of the events, however evil they may be. So this means that a great fear will be presented to you, yet you will dominate it.

A transition has not been completely finished between your past and your present. An event in your past took place and was fully realized, but your mind has not yet succeeded in taking it in, and accepting it in all of its reality. It is clear that the people around you have tried to help you with this issue, but this has always ended in failure. Still, you have gotten some lessons these last few years that could allow you to get through this grief once and for all. It’s up to you to take charge of yourself, since all attempts to get outside assistance have been exhausted. Many people have tried to help you, but most of them finally gave up on account of having lost hope. So it is now essential that you make use of the energy that truly belongs to you and which has great power over your mental forces. Only you have the capacities and the aptitudes to understand the mechanisms of your own subconscious and the subtleties that are unique to your soul. Remember a friend who is very close to you and is of the astrological sign of Capricorn. This man is always by your side and he still wants to and is still determined to support you in all aspects of your life. He is a guardian angel for you and the light that you need. Key ideas: park, flowers, marriage or engagement, malediction, the end of something, guardian, decency, respect, love, courage, decision, infinite love, Monday, night, the month of February.

You will need to find your way in an environment where there is a crowd. It will be a place where there will be an uninterrupted come and go from morning to evening. This relates as much to your love life as to your professional life. You need to speak to a neighbor (man). You need to embark on a big journey. It will be a business trip. This trip will set off jealously in love. The person that you love will have difficulty understanding everything. You will have to explain yourself in order to reestablish harmony in your relationship with him/her. You will need to be down-to-earth in your clarifications and must not try to creep into eccentricities.

You should pursue continuity and prudence. You have acquired the knowledge you need to achieve at your goal but you should not try to cut corners. You are in a fertile period but love is still a great mystery to you. A child will be born soon and time is of the essence. You should plan in minute detail what you are going to do and pay attention to what is going on around you. A message is being sent to you: “You will not feel fulfilled until you attain an equilibrium, which is essential for the passage of time and growing older.” A younger woman, who is just passing through your life, will cause you to surpass yourself. She will cause you to be much more self-confident and make you more likely to view your path through life from a different angle. This woman has the star sign Leo and extols material values. She is a good adviser and she often brings about solutions to problems on the level of justice. She has an active and productive life and she could help to improve your lot or even consolidate your position in relation to a business matter which could break or significantly destabilise your financial equilibrium. Keywords: encampment, fire, finance, surpass, recklessness, progressive detachment, unfreezing, Monday, night, September.

You have to leave someone you love very much. Take time to appreciate and cherish the moment with this person because these are the highlights of your life. Leaving this person will be like having your heart ripped out. This separation, however painful it may be, is inevitable. You must accept and come to terms with it. Despite your pain, you have to think positive thoughts. Time will heal your wound. This separation will occur on a Sunday or a Monday.

Romantic passion must give way to affective stability. You must distance yourself from the madness of youth, as your vision must now be a long-term one. Rash decisions will simply delay your full and total enjoyment of life and you should be warned that you are set to see your existence from a new perspective. Your life is very busy, but is it for the right reasons? You must devote more time to a person who is important to you. This person is a woman older than you. She belongs to the sign of Leo and features in your business environment. She makes for good company, with infectious enthusiasm. Your friendship and activities with her should go beyond your business relationship, as you have great affinity which deserves to be exploited further. This woman is a natural leader who can teach you many things. She has suffered major set-backs, but has always been able to overcome them and transform them into lasting successes. You have recently had an emotional upset in your love life and this woman has proven herself to be more than capable of mentoring you and steering you away from bigger problems. Keywords: road, car, watercourse, creativity, influence, ring, stage, Monday evening, month of May
A story of justice from the past resurfaces. A balance that had been fixed is now broken. You will have to be represented by a lawyer, counselor or professional. It has taken you some time to become aware of this situation, but it’s not too late to react. A man must be held accountable for his actions. His past actions will determine his future. In astrology, this man is a Gemini. You will be called to a meeting or an encounter for a reprehensible action carried out by this man against you or against a member of your immediate family. It will be a Wednesday afternoon in September. It will be in a building high up, in a place where there are many people who walk, meet and discuss. You will have to adhere to an agreement of some kind before you claim your rights. Please do not let yourself be manipulated by people who are more experienced than you. Remain true to your beliefs and everything should be fine. It should be noted, but without any effect, that there will be a pregnant woman or a new mom at the meeting.

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