Tarot Readings; She loves dangerously…


You will come into contact with a young woman who has fears about making a decision. This young woman seems to be anxious about the reality of life. She hesitates to take an active place in society. She must act, but she dares not to. All excuses are good for her: it’s not the right time; it’s not the right direction; the bar is too high, etc. Her cycle must now come to an end and you will have to advise her or to help her. Her goal is clear, but she lacks self-confidence. She has reached a point of completion and she must absolutely take a step now. She is facing a deadline and she will become involved in a movement without a future if she does not make her decision quickly. She will not be able to maintain control of the events in her life and this really will not be to her advantage. She must imperatively act as quickly as possible. If not, others will decide for her and this will be in their own interests and not in hers.

A past misfortune is on its way to being forgotten. New hopes are taking hold in your life and they will now allow you to devote yourself to your future plans rather than a destructive event in your past. Your fall was hard, but it will now serve as a lesson for your future experiences. From now on, you will know how to channel your energies in much more positive form and it will never be possible to let new chaos interfere in your life. You will come to spread out your internal forces more creatively and your humility will now be greater before the challenges of life. The person who hurt you will no longer be able to harm your and you will continue your existence with a tranquility that you truly deserve .An affair which does not directly concern you will take on a little too much significance in your world. Some aspects of this affair will be worrisome and will affect you in a fairly significant way. You will have your own interests, to protect, watch over, or stand up for, to people directly involved in this matter. More concretely, you must be sure to prevent anyone from infringing on your rights and privileges which you’ve worked so hard to acquire over the last few years.

A neighbor has loving feelings for you. It is a person that takes the plane on a regular basis. He/she is financially comfortable. He/she has had a lot of luck on the professional level and his/her material success is complete. However, he/she has problems with the law. This probably stems from a recent divorce. He/she faces a gap at the level of a law and this obligates him/her to fulfill quite a strange obligation. In addition, he/she feels persecuted by his/her ex-spouse. This person has also undergone a surgical intervention which has forced him/her to remain in hospital for a certain amount of time. He/she is passionately in love with you and this makes him/her very enthusiastic every time he/she meets up with you. His/her astrological sign is Libra and you will have a very particular interaction with him/her one Sunday morning in July. Pay close attention, because this person has something important to say to you.

You need calmness because you need to reflect on a very important issue. You know that you cannot bear being influenced in your decision, and so you will seek calm and solitude for some time. You want to be able to analyze the events with a cool head and you will make sure to be able to judge certain behaviors for yourself. As a result, you will prefer isolation because it will be absolutely out of the question to get embroiled in a thought process which will be subject to the constraint of the opinion of others.

You are closely connected to a marital dispute. Whether you want this or not, you are caught in the middle of this relationship dispute. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are directly concerned but you are involved with what is at stake or that you suffer from the consequences. Therefore, it could be about your own relationship or someone very close to you. In the worst case scenario, you could be closely connected to this dispute because you are the lover or the mistress of one of the persons involved. This conflict also involves one or more children. Part of the argument centres around the custody or shared custody of this child or these children. On top of that, this confrontation is not on equal grounds because one of the opposing parties is clearly more advantageous than the other with regard to the financial or material situation. You will receive a proposition. Be careful because perhaps someone wants to implicate you in a scandal and make you look bad in front of the others.

You need to familiarize yourself with a work method. This method is fairly easy, once you master it well, but learning it is rather difficult and requires good observation skills. If you are looking for employment, this can indicate that you will land a good job and that you will finally be able to take advantage of your expertise. From a legal point of view it can also mean that due to a painstaking procedure, legal papers will favour you and will allow you to freely demonstrate your know-how in view of your professional aspirations. However, in every case and regardless of the situation, it is certain that you will need to negotiate before reaching an agreement on the professional level. A difficulty will be smoothed over, but only after a compromise on your part.

You will move with the help of a horse or you will make a trek on horseback. Your relationship with this horse will be remarkable. This animal will bring you closer to nature and allow you to detach yourself from the complexities (or your complications) that are connected to urban life. You’ll discover a very special facet of small pleasures that are linked to a rudimentary life and this will be very beneficial for your health. The chemistry between this horse and you will be excellent. You will take the time to admire the scenery in all its simplicity and you will see existence on earth in a new light. You will appreciate this moment greatly. This opportunity will also allow you (and above all) to forget an unfortunate event that you lived in the past and from which you still have had trouble freeing yourself.

A marriage is to come. It is a man that you know well and this man has a son. Even if this man is in love, he has never really thought of getting married. It is a woman that has convinced him. The son of this man loves a woman more than his father. It is either his own mother or the woman with whom his father will get married to. However, given the age of the child, here we are talking about a love which is relative and with little importance. In short, everything indicates that you are one of the people who will get married. If you are already married, this could then mean that you will later on experience a new love adventure and this will end up with a new marriage. If you feel that that doesn’t concern you, it’s because you will soon be invited to the wedding of a very close friend who you love very much and who has a child (son). It’s a person you have already been associated with and that one day, made you seriously think of marriage.

A close friend has something to tell you. This woman’s star sign is Sagittarius and she is very beautiful. She has a problem or a challenge to overcome, but she doesn’t want to spend hours discussing it. She wants to have an open and direct conversation with you. Perhaps you will not agree with her, but her explanations will be clear. It is in relation to her job and her financial situation. This intuitive woman now feels herself to be in an appropriate position to start her own business. She wants to be her own employer and have her own company. Being naturally very beautiful, she also believes that she will be able to use this charm to her advantage in this endeavour. She has thought about this a lot in secret and she has now finished this period of reflection. She has already met with an influential person about this and you will be unable to change her mind. Your duty will be first and foremost to support her, but also to warn her to take care. Key words: spiritual accomplishment, marriage, evolution, police officer, distinction, Monday morning, April.

A transaction is to come. You will have several business contacts so be careful you are not targeted by dishonest people. You must ensure your financial security and this will happen through a meeting that you will have with a new person. This person is a woman who is competent and very experienced in business. She is cultured and she knows exactly what she is talking about. However, other people will also try to do business with you and they will not all be as trustworthy as this woman. Be careful with those who will promise you the moon. The promise of an unlikely profit or gain in relation to a relatively modest investment from you hides a fraudulent transaction. Above all, do not trust your money to someone who will spend it for you! A person other than this woman is going to try to con you by tempting you with a shimmering financial gain, so be careful. The woman who you need to trust is not very persuasive by nature but she is stubborn and she will really be able to respond to your needs, even if challenges come up. She has the legitimacy, the know-how, and the determination to lead you to achieve your goals. However, her openness will definitely not be as seducing as the words of the hustler, so be prudent.

Your friendly encounters will soon multiply. Many enjoyable moments with your friends will be coming soon. A link with a person from your distant past will resurface. This will be a woman who is younger than you and who lives in the countryside (or near a park or forest). The distance separating you must be travelled by car (automobile, coach, train or something else), because the road is too long to travelled otherwise. This woman is stubborn, and this stubbornness makes her very talented in whatever she does (work, art or something else). She left your circle of acquaintances in order to be nearer to the person she loves. However, she is bored with where she is and she is seriously thinking about coming back. She’s lacking something she needs to be happy and she is looking for an excuse to come back home. You are part of her life balance and you will obviously be one of the reasons she comes back. Her move will be coming soon.


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