Advice from the Tarot

An emotional obstacle needs to be overcome. A doubt is lingering in your mind. You are subject to a strange pressure that is keeping you from fully controlling your emotions or feelings. You need to harmonize your emotional energy in its masculine as well as feminine particularities. A rebalance must be made in your love life. Be careful not to spread your mind too far from your needs, because you may get even more lost. Your impulses are overflowing, your charisma is unequivocal, but your approach is not well targeted. You will have to listen carefully to the needs and desires of the loved one. This test may seem difficult, but you possess the skill to overcome it and the discipline to put things back into the right order. Your ambition is honorable, but you must learn to read the mind of other one. At any rate, your main obstacle is indeed the doubt that lingers in you, and not resistance of the loved one.

Both work and effort (physical and/or intellectual) will be needed in the coming months. You will need to work hard before being entitled to rest. Your rest will only come when you will have reached a very specific goal which you have set for yourself. Your professional know-how will be put to the test, as you will be determined to climb a step, to get a promotion, or get better living conditions. You aspire to more power and you firmly intend to prove yourself in order to really be taken seriously. Your long-term career plan is to reach the highest peaks, and in this sense, you will take a big step forward in the coming months. A major change will come in your work and you will be the one to provoke it. You are a determined person and you will clearly demonstrate this fact. You will soon have a notice to give or a formal document to transmit to someone who has decision-making power over a large number of people. This has to do with your job and your future plans. This document will take the shape of an official (or legal) paper, which you will hand over in person. You will be very proud of yourself.

A delay or objection beyond your control lies ahead. A project will have to be postponed or temporarily shelved. This situation is closely linked to your love life and would otherwise risk severely impacting upon it. Events will take you hostage, which will prove exasperating. People will be so demanding of you that you will long to break off an agreement. A relationship with an older person in your social circle will also come into play. This person lives in the country close to a rail line. He/she holds you in sincere regard and his/her honesty towards you is in no doubt. This person will perform a task for you in view of smoothing out certain obstacles. A new job opportunity or departure may therefore upon up to you. There will be many verbal exchanges and you must be highly receptive to everything said.

You will be sent on a mission. This mission could be related to your job or anything else. This will be a trip outside of your usual environment. Even though you will have a mission to accomplish, for you this trip will be a moment of escape that you will greatly appreciate. You will have new encounters and you will forget your personal problems. The opportunity of a romantic liaison will also be present during this mission. It will be up to you to gage your conduct and the possible repercussions of your actions on the events to follow.You have been on the defensive for a bit of a long time. You need to rest. Your family is calling you and you need to remove yourself from the heat of the action for a certain amount of time. Someone has to take over and this person is a man who is older than you and whose astrological sign is Cancer. This man has the duty to assure your protection. He has a dominant personality and he can easily impose his authority onto others. You must not hesitate to give up your place to him, because when faced with adversity, he has an unshakeable determination. His capacity in confronting his opponents is dreadful and he can easily push away those that cause you difficulties. Keywords: train, ocean, determination, leadership, stubbornness, deterioration, illness, protection, movement, power, Saturday night, month of February.You hear many rumors about the person you love, but no one is capable of proving them true. Testimonies abound, but they are mostly either indirect or unverified. Do not trust everything that people tell you because many stories are fictitious. Some people feel the need to impress you and therefore, they share with you events that are not real and possibly have never taken place, all in the sole purpose of grabbing your attention and interest. Beware of bad-mouthing! A certain individual may seek to take advantage of you by lying; she is jealous and clearly wants to steer you away from the person you love.
You will momentarily need to slow down or suspend your everyday activities in order to respond to a situation that will require a great time investment from your part. This isn’t something urgent but something with priority. It’s expected that you get involved in an activity that has great importance in your professional* environment. This activity is very significant for some of your work* colleagues and you won’t be able to run away from it. It’ll disrupt your plans and especially your schedule. This activity is related to your work* but it’ll take place outside, at a different place that you’re not necessarily familiar with. Each person’s role will be shared and you’ll be required to closely associate with a woman (colleague, teammate, etc.) to carry out a task. However, a mess will have to be overcome and an unexpected expense will have to be taken care of. You’ll face true chaos, thus your patience and your sense for creativity will be what will allow you to get things in order. Without a doubt, there will be disagreements between certain people but it’s nothing that you won’t be able to manage. Despite the contingencies and the efforts it’ll require of you, this event will be a great success. You’ll live happy, memorable moments. You’ll be able to feel very proud of the work accomplished. *(This event may be connected to a charitable organization as well as to a professional activity).

Your energy will have been well spent and a disagreement will be resolved. You’re confronted by a problem of instability in your human relationships and you’ll be able to overcome it with great dignity. Even if your pride is put to the test, you won’t neglect your duties and you’ll solve your problem with great realism. Your realization will be very clear and it’ll confirm your ability to correct your mistakes and recognize the contexts that lead to a dead end. The end of a disagreement is to come thanks to your future actions. You’ll know how to clearly target your problem and you’ll be able to permanently break away from your problem. Your ideal for life relies on true love, so don’t be afraid to hang on to your dream, as it is what will allow you to find your taste for challenges and joy of living.

Someone wants to confide in you, but they can’t. They feel guilty about an event that happened in the past. Their poor choice has had a negative impact on your life. The incident is still very clear in your mind. You have suffered for something that either should not have concerned you or which you did not deserve. This person wants your forgiveness, but is afraid to approach the subject with you. Knowing they were wrong, they are afraid that you will blame them again.

You will receive a message from a heavenly origin. It will symbolize peace, harmony and purity. This message will be the harbinger of a great happiness that is very soon to be shared with someone else. This person will come from your place of business and he/she will have been born under the astrological sign of Virgo. He/she will have been the victim of an accident in the past, and he/she was seriously injured. Someone possibly died during the course of this event. This person has an immaculate appearance. He/she has a balanced and penetrating mind. He/she is probably endowed with great intuition or an aptitude for clairvoyance. Your relationship will lead to a level of very serene, shared, spiritual upliftment. Key concepts: virtue, beauty, meeting a new love, joy, balance, countryside, birth, Tuesday afternoon, month of August.

A woman, older than you, will offer you a job. This job will involve in travelling. This woman, by her nature, is beneficial and protective for you. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. She belongs to your professional environment. She is charming and has a physical beauty that is quite useful when negotiating with others. This woman seeks for your friendship for a long time, but it has not yet been fully acquired. In fact, she finds that you have an exceptional potential in your area of responsibility or expertise, and seeks to have a unique interpersonal relationship with you. She recently went through a painful experience at the professional level and for her; you are the ideal person to help her get back on her feet again. Keywords: communication, warmth, friendship, sensibility, pride, relief from pain, on Sunday afternoon, month of February


A coincidence is actually not a coincidence. Something seems to be taking a happy turn of events for you and you are not mistaken. Nothing is random. Your efforts have provoked these things and you will soon be rewarded for it. You are someone who is independent with your future projects but a man is interested in helping you to accelerate the process you have started. This man is younger than you (slightly) and he is part of your professional contacts (in finance or business). He holds special knowledge that can set you on the right track and that will let you fulfill your dream. This man is good and he is generous. He is very tough in his field of activity and he doesn’t let himself become intimidated by hardship, no matter how great. He has authority over a great number of people. He has identified you among many other people. He knows that you have more potential in your field of skills that most people he has already met. You are someone who isn’t afraid of taking on responsibility and he knows this (or can guess it by your attitude). He will take you under his wing and will help you to further affirm yourself in what you do and/or what you aspire to do. Your plans have impressed him and he wants to be there to see you make them come true.



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