Hi I am an Indigo

Indigos are:

• Strong-willed natural leaders (even though they may be unsure of themselves)
• Have an accurate inner truth-detector
• Blurt out the truth, even if it results in negative consequences for themselves
• Only respect people who are in integrity
• Don’t care about people’s titles, fame, or fortune – only care if someone is honest and trustworthy
• Often turn to addictions to deal with harsh energies
• Become counselors to their friends
• VERY sensitive to energies, and often absorb other people’s negative energies
• System-busters, here to get rid of corrupt and antiquated systems
• Prone to anger
• Extremely sensitive to chemicals in foods, drink, and drugs, including having allergies

While the majority of Indigos were born in the 1970s, you can be ANY age and be an Indigo.

~Doreen Virtue


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