Crazy Dreams

Walking through the house everything covered in an eerie fog surrounded by the creepiest feeling ever. The mechanical room door opens with a resounding echo that seemed to fill the house. Sighing as I walk over and slam it thinking how odd. Walking to the stairs I turn to look back once more at that door and it is open again. I run and slam the door in fear turning to run away immediately. Up the stairs as fast as I can now yelling “I knew it! This fricken house is haunted!” The house is eerily dark as if no one is home. Eerie light gives notice to the peeling paint on the walls, someone is standing at the top of the stairs leaning against the banister smoking a cigarette of all things. Smoking is not allowed in my house. “What are you doing?” “You know that we don’t smoke in the house. You have to go out to the garage, c’mon” I say as I walk towards the garage. Footsteps are the only sound heard as I go out to the garage. The other person has disappeared but my dog is here with me. She looks like a fuzzy mutated grizzly bear. She spots a trashcan full of fried chicken legs which she immediately goes after, tipping them over onto the floor. Chasing her as she tromps through puddles of sewage, back into the house to wrestle the chicken leg away from her. “Bad girl, no chicken legs!” Out of the corner of my eye and off to my left, I see hostile houseflies attacking the window.
Looking down at my body lying in bed asleep an icy coldness runs up my leg, the coldest thing I have ever felt scared as hell now what is that? What do I do? Protect my body!! Suddenly my hand sends out sparks like a brush fire. My fingers shoot out white light at the unseen intruder. It doesn’t leave the ominous feeling of evil is still permeating all around me. Shivering and clutching my blankets while peering rapidly around the room just to make sure I was still in my bed. Where did that light come from? Who or what was that?
It backs down but doesn’t leave; still sensing its evil presence all around me. Hearing a menacing growl, fear courses through me I’m afraid and I can’t see what is trying to attack me. “In Jesus name I command you to leave now!! In Jesus name I command you to leave now!!” I yell.  As calmness settles over me now and I let out a sigh, it must be gone my shoulders slump in relief ans I’m left wondering what brought that here?

© 2012 Diana Householder


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