Dear diary 3/24/2013

I realized, when I was bluntly told that the things that I had saved, things that she had made were really insignificant to her. Little tidbits of things that were made in school didn’t matter to her as I was sharply told. Her point of view was that I should be the one keeping them for memories, which I did. I did my part, I saved them for her. At what point do you let go of these little artifacts back to the original owner, or do you hold on to them until the day that you die? Maybe I was wrong but then again maybe not since I have lost my home and most of what I own I can’t be expected to hold on to them. Am understanding her correctly, that these things hold no meaning? Pieces of history to be treated as meaningless trash and tossed away.

Maybe I’m just taking things too personal and I suppose that we just have different points of view..


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