It takes Effort

Once upon a time in that other dimension that I’ve traveled to, it occurs to me that in spirituality in the battle between darkness & light, good & bad, positive & negative, we find our strength in unity. Being united and standing strong in multitudes we have the power to defeat the negative influences and force them to relinquish control over us. The greatest accomplishment of darkness has been to divide the people in regards to spirituality, the goal being to divide and conquer. So light workers are now divided, they fall victim to their own ego and struggle with finding the way. Structured belief systems and the people who follow make it obvious as to what is happening. Most of the wars in human history have been waged in the name of God, it’s my belief that God does not kill, this is a product of negativity. The truth is that darkness has been successful at dividing and is now trying to conquer, and all this is being done by using people’s own belief systems; Organized religions. The greatest weapon against this is unity, setting differences aside and unite as light beings against darkness and negativity.


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