The Four of Cups


The four of cups indicates boredom and dissatisfaction in relationships whether it’s love or any other emotional attachment. In a current love relationship it indicates that there is a level of boredom which could possibly stem from unrealistic expectations of what your partner should be like or being at the point of coming down from the new relationship high. For a single person looking for love this card signifies not feeling good about yourself, maybe you think that you are not good enough for the one you have been thinking about? You think that your fat, ugly or your job isn’t prestigious enough to catch the one you have your eye on – all unrealistic expectations.

When this card appears you are urged to realize that you need to relax, put all expectations away and let whatever is going to happen, just happen. Open your heart & be receptive to what is being sent your way – Love.

In troubled relationships it can indicate no intimacy with each other.  Also Promiscuity,  trying to satisfy a desire that can’t be filled with partner or similar situation.


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