A Very detailed Tarot card Reading

A woman is quiet but determined. She has a goal and she will reach it. She is diligent and persevering. She is attending university, taking on a major project, or working on something equally important. Her objective is highly specific and the result of her efforts will have a great impact on her long-term future. This endeavor is also being monitored or supervised by someone, and will be evaluated by this person.
A man and a woman desperately need your help. They have a child and they are reaching out to you. You are asked to show generosity. You are an inspiration for these people and you have to open yourself to humanitarian aid, in any form. Until now, you have accomplished great things, but that is insignificant with regard to the hope you can transmit to people in need. In this way, you will enter into contact with a friend, a courageous and tolerant woman, a Friday evening in February. This friend’s astrological sign is Virgo and she has recently experienced mortality in her entourage. This woman can lead you to fulfill your good intentions. She is devoted and she will guide you. Her wisdom is great and her honesty is pure. Key-words: Aid, support, humanitarian organization, subsistence, weapon, war, prudence, altruism, wisdom, self-sacrifice.
A professional or financial prospect will lead you into long negotiations with a man from foreign climbs. It is important that you take care to avoid excessively brisk thoughts or reactions regarding the issue and during the intense discussions you will have with this man. If you become too emotional, you could easily endanger the good chances you have of profiting from this excellent opportunity you have with this man. At the same time, it will be crucial that you do not misconstrue his intentions, particularly in view of his sincerity and genuine wish to seal this fair deal with you. Indeed, these features will be key in ensuring the success of your negotiations with him. Reason and money matters must hold precedence over sentiment in this affair. Be careful, as this man will be willing and able to manipulate your emotions. He will be skilled enough to change your perception of things with regard to your priorities. He may thus very subtly influence you final decision and take advantage of you. You will thus have to prove yourself more astute and skillful than he.
A project driven by a person in your circle will be directly favorable to you. One of your dreams is on its way to coming true. This project involves you and it will be proposed to you very soon. The person it concerns will need your support or your help to reach his/her goals. Your mental abilities will be required. It is a question of using your know-how in an area in which you truly excel. The metaphoric message transmitted to you is that of climbing a mountain. Within a short period of time, you will have to overcome your limits and stand out. You will also have to have an overview of your plans for the future. You must be able to acquire a big picture perspective of them and to understand their limits very well. You will have to, therefore, place more focus on work than on one-upmanship. Do not be distracted or intimidated by others (opponents, rivals, competitors…), because they don’t have either the will or the determination that you do. With your talent, your competence and a bit more effort, you can do much better than them while spending much less money. The person who offers you this proposition recognizes that you are an exceptional person and knows that you are the person most qualified to comprehend his/her project. This collaboration will be a veritable blessing for you and from it you will take away an extraordinary life experience.
You are trying to overcome a fear. It is a phobia of some sort. It is like a fear of heights, claustrophobia, trauma or something else like that. You dare yourself to overcome this obsessive fear by yourself, for you long to live more freely. This is ambitious, but possible. You are greatly obsessed with this irrational fear and it deprives you of many pleasures. You desire to experience great things, live your life intensely, but you must first overcome this fear.

A delay or objection beyond your control lies ahead. A project will have to be postponed or temporarily shelved. This situation is closely linked to your love life and would otherwise risk severely impacting upon it. Events will take you hostage, which will prove exasperating. People will be so demanding of you that you will long to break off an agreement. A relationship with an older person in your social circle will also come into play. This person lives in the country close to a rail line. He/she holds you in sincere regard and his/her honesty towards you is in no doubt. This person will perform a task for you in view of smoothing out certain obstacles. A new job opportunity or departure may therefore upon up to you. There will be many verbal exchanges and you must be highly receptive to everything said.

Love is afoot. A person (m/f) is incredibly in love with you but won’t say a word. This person is very sensitive, but they are distressed from fear of rejection. This undoubtedly explains their silence. This person is a very close neighbor. Their feelings for you are boundless. This person is a prisoner of their emotions because they can’t manage (or don’t have the possibility) of opening up to you. The reason is simultaneously simple and complex. It’s that you aren’t willing that a tie should arise between you two. Something is obstructing this – the context. You are in a position that deprives you of accepting any amorous agreement with this person, and they know it. Appearances are deceiving because you are simply unable to evaluate the magnitude of love this person has for you. More specifically, this person has a job that is closely or loosely tied with justice. Their priorities are mainly concentrated on their job and long term career, but their personal activities especially deal with hunches and feelings. This is probably a person who has a double life – professional and spiritual. The person obviously does volunteering or assistance in your neighborhood or in the community you live in. You know this person well and you are not indifferent towards them.
You are facing chaos. Your environment is full of changes and you no longer recognize anything. You can no longer find your references and you no longer know what to use as a reference to make decisions. You have lost your independence to cope with certain events and you need to survive rather than live. However, even if it may seem strange, losing your independence does not mean you’ve lost your freedom. You are currently in a transitional period where everything must be rebuilt from A to Z. This transition will serve a purpose and you will soon regain your independence, an independence that will be enhanced. You are going through something unavoidable and you must submit to it since it will serve the purpose of preparing you to be reborn. This rebirth is currently taking place and your future will soon announce the approach of a better perspective of happiness than the one you currently have, a perspective that you’ve never enjoyed until now.
Your energy will have been well spent and a disagreement will be resolved. You’re confronted by a problem of instability in your human relationships and you’ll be able to overcome it with great dignity. Even if your pride is put to the test, you won’t neglect your duties and you’ll solve your problem with great realism. Your realization will be very clear and it’ll confirm your ability to correct your mistakes and recognize the contexts that lead to a dead end. The end of a disagreement is to come thanks to your future actions. You’ll know how to clearly target your problem and you’ll be able to permanently break away from your problem. Your ideal for life relies on true love, so don’t be afraid to hang on to your dream, as it is what will allow you to find your taste for challenges and joy of living.
You will get to know someone new in your workplace. This is a young man with whom you will spend a lot of time. A sincere friendship will grow between you two. In fact, you will discover that he lives close to your place. This young man is ambitious and is very attentive to all the opportunities that could present themselves to him. You will also discover that he is very open-minded. It is especially this open-mindedness that will make him someone in whom you will be able to confide and to have long, very constructive discussions on almost every topic. This young man loves to learn and his thirst for discovery makes him captivating in many aspects. You will have to work with him and you will particularly appreciate his maturity and his perseverance in the face of hard work. The scope of his expertise will provide you with, or consolidate, the stability that you are looking for on a professional level. In short, this young man has all of the necessary qualities to become a real work asset. You will appreciate his attitude enormously and his strength with respect to his responsibilities, and a very strong fraternal bond is destined to be created between you two.
You’re completely free to make a decision you must make. You’re a responsible and independent person and no one will oppose your decision. You don’t usually make decisions lightly and, because of this, you have the respect and trust of others. You will have to submit yourself to a judicial or administrative system but this will give you an advantage and will allow you to thrive more than you think. Your current situation is definitely favorable to you and you don’t have to be afraid of failure. There’s a balance between your will and the expectations of others and the moment couldn’t have been better chosen for you to move forward with your process. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Prosperity is on its way. Your wealth will grow from your efforts. You are on your way to making a great fortune through your work and tenacity. You will get a new business proposition and your long-term financial stability will soon be secure. You will join up with a man in your close circle in something to do with a transaction or a very promising opportunity. However, you must realize that this man doesn’t have as much maturity as you and you’ll have to lead him to be more serious in his undertaking. Even if he has a lot of respect for you and for what you do, this man will not be able to follow you indefinitely. His confidence in himself is lacking and you’ll eventually have to continue on your way alone and independently. When the time comes, you’ll surely suffer great pain to see this man leave the ship, but in the long term, it will be for the best. With time, you’ll become independent in your enterprise (commerce, business or something else) and this will let you prosper more constantly and more quickly. You’ll blossom wonderfully in business and everything you will gain will be obviously much deserved.

5 thoughts on “A Very detailed Tarot card Reading

  1. Hello,

    I’ve been reading some of your tarot readings and they amazed me. I wish that I could find that detailed a tarot reader. Can you please tell me where you get these readings?

    ~ Mariah


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