Computer Generated Tarot card Reading

I will meet someone at work who I will end up spending a lot of time with.
We will know a great friendship and I will learn that he is very open minded & lives very near to me.
This young man is ambitious and is very attentive to all the opportunities that could present themselves to him. It is especially his open-mindedness that will make him someone that I will be able to confide in and to have long, very constructive discussions on almost every topic. He loves to learn and his thirst for discovery makes him captivating in many aspects. I will have to work with him and will particularly appreciate his maturity and his perseverance in the face of hard work. The scope of his expertise will provide me with, or consolidate, the stability that I’m looking for on a professional level. In short, he has all of the necessary qualities to become a real work asset. I will appreciate his attitude enormously and his strength with respect to his responsibilities, and a very strong fraternal bond is destined to be created between us
A man has a bad reputation and his actions and his talks are full of symbols and mysteries. I’ll be working with him on a project, he’s an artist and what people say about him does not really correspond to reality. He has a depth of mind that only few people can appreciate and this is what brings him incomprehension and indignation from many people. His actions are often difficult to interpret, but they are always in good faith. People have different opinions about him and I will need to build my own opinion on the type of individual he really is. With a little indulgence towards him, I will understand that his personality is not as obscure as may be suggested. I will develop a link of affection with this man and he will return it to you increased by a hundredfold.
A canal will open in my subconscious which is trying to call out to you. Words emerge in my mind and I must listen to them carefully. This is linked to one of my fears that  I am not able to manage well. I must use my intuition more and remain careful and a truth will be brought to light. I will enter into interaction with an older woman. This woman’s astrological sign is Scorpio and she belongs to my close entourage. It will be a question of negotiation and compensation. My future happiness will be closely linked to my intuition. Key words: Spiritual accomplishment, favorable legal aspect, love at home, Sunday morning, month of October.
Things will be difficult and support from those around me will be weak causing me to  have to clear out a lot of ground by yourself before others will finally realize that my ideas and life path are reliable and that real success is waiting  at the end of my journey. Remain confident in what I’m doing because my intuition is guiding me well. Even if some obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable, I have the true ability to overcome mountains. It’s not because my loved ones don’t trust me; it’s only that they don’t have as much vision as I do. It’s completely normal that not everyone has my flair, so I must forgive. I manage to feel out the future much better than many people and this is why I can see rainbows where others only see rain. Stay on course and indulge my loved ones. One day, my courage will be recognized and I will then be rewarded. My bravery will bring me esteem from those who are great in this world, but before this happens, I must think about myself and learn to be proud of what I am.

The arrival of a new child will appear in your inner circle or family in the coming months. If not, a child will take a preeminent place, whether in your thoughts, your worries or in your family life (or in that of your closest circle of friends). I will need to take action or made decisions having to do with this child, or I will have to be ready for new obligations dealing with this child in my immediate future. This child will bring newness and unexpectedness into my life and will force me to demonstrate originality and freshness in activities that I am increasingly less used to having. So, this means that I will be especially and personally concerned with the well-being of a child. Its presence will be new or clearly more obvious on my path and it will be dear to me. This child will forever take a major place in my everyday life or in your upcoming plans.

I have to set matters straight with someone that is in love with me. I don’t love this person and have already told him/her, however, he/she continues to find indirect ways to get close. Since this person cannot impress me intellectually, he/she tries to arouse me sexually by what he/she wears, using physical mannerisms and using his/her body around me. He/she touches me and/or brushes against me often, more or less in a subtle manner. This is conducted even in public and he/she will continually look for ways that can at any given time lead to physical contact. This individual has taken up a large part of my life, so much so that he/she is stopping you from blossoming emotionally. One day or another, I must well and truly put this person in place so I can liberate myself from him/her once and for all.
A wonderful event in my emotional life is coming soon. A remarkable dream of love will come true. I will have period of great bliss following a decision that the person I love will make in a short while. It will be a significant transition in my life. This person will bring me happiness, marital harmony and great life balance. Splendor, fruitfulness and wonders are in store for me!
Someone has returned in my entourage. I haven’t seen this person for many years and it’s someone that I dislike. I will not be happy to see this person again. There has always been tension between the two of us, I consider this individual to be a liar, dishonest and opportunist. I have already had an argument with him/her and  are worried that such arguing will repeat itself. I hold a big grudge against this person and I do not want to have to deal with or cooperate with him/her. It is a humiliating situation for me. I will act in a radical way once and for all. However, be careful that this does not hurt me.
I’ll have to overcome contradictions within your immediate surroundings. Opinions will be irreconcilable. I will soon have a puzzling argument with someone I know intimately and greatly appreciate. This person is a man. He is a very close friend in your professional environment. Despite my good intentions, I will not be able to understand his point of view or how he interprets your actions. So I will become withdrawn or act secretly in order to get out of an unending controversy with him.
A very threatening obstacle stands in front of me and I will not have the power or ability to immediately rise above, defeat or overcome it. You must then, at the first sign of danger, get around it quickly and take a new more accessible and safe course, otherwise you risk facing serious injury or attack from a person with whom you maintain a very difficult relationship. I must remain very alert, because I risk suffering tragic defeat or humiliation in a business or venture that is close to my heart. On the contrary, even if you stray from your path to avoid your opponent, he/she will still prevail in your life and prevent me from living fully. He/she will sabotage my projects and will also increasingly succeed in threatening, day after day, my freedom and privacy. I must then, in my retreat, find new weapons and aid and accumulate other assets or forces to return to face this person who seriously hampers my freedom of action and your right to know happiness. I must then be better prepared, better armed and much better protected in the face of such threats. When I am prepared, I must then overcome my fears and defeat this obstacle that this person represents for good, otherwise he/she will eventually wear me down.
I need peace and tranquility. Integrity and honesty are of utmost importance in my life, but someone is currently trying to force me into an error to embarrass me. Nevertheless, as I am someone who pays close attention to detail, I will not fall for their trap. Little by little, I’ve learned to act in a strategic and methodical manner in each and every situation, and this advantage will do me good one more time. I have the capacity to see bad things coming ahead, and unfortunately for them, this person will quickly realize it in a frustrating way. I care often unusual situations, and this is to your advantage because it is this characteristic of mine that makes me aware and always on top of the changes that happen around me. I understand my environment well, and one never should seek to face me on my own ground at the risk of falling to a quick and humiliating defeat. I am a patient and efficient person, and I will prove it once again.
I find inspiration in new ideas and in self-discovery. A spiritual renewal is currently taking place in my mind and am probably not even aware of it. My soul is animated with a new energy that is happening in me and which will provide me with abundant nourishment in the near future. As a result, my dreams are assuming a predominant place in my mind and they will chart a new road for me that will lead me to fulfill them more spontaneously, and this will happen in a future time that is closer at hand. Hidden concepts: a very close friend, the astrological sign of Libra, sincere friendship, responsibility, total harmony, tenderness, love relationship, overcoming, liberation, Monday, morning, the month of March.
A woman close to me will display distrust towards me . Jealousy will be created between us. A person in this woman’s close circle feels an attraction for me. Chance means that you will be trapped in a situation which I cannot control. I will have difficulty explaining myself, despite my frankness and my clear conscience. Take care not to be incriminated as an accomplice in an adulterous relationship. I should react skilfully and delicately. Many things which I hold dear could be compromised as a result of an event which seems ordinary to me, but blameworthy in the eyes of others.
Cutting discussions are to come be careful not to trust others’ opinions or ideas because my own perception of things is often best. A person will try to convince me to act like they do, and will do so very aggressively. I can’t let myself  be intimidated because this person doesn’t have the analytical ability I have. It doesn’t matter what the arguments will be, I will be right and I mustn’t give in to their threats. It is very probable that I’ll have to act out a role in order for this discussion not to escalate. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to do so and I will avoid great problems.
A story from the past is still present in my mind, Ill have to stop going backward and stop inflicting harm uselessly on myself when facing that which has finished and irreconcilable with the present time. This has to do with a woman who is slightly younger than me, and she lives in the countryside and she grows her own food. I know this woman well, but she doesn’t have family ties with me. She is pious and she leads a life of hard labor. She is a friend from childhood or from my teenage years (school, university, etc.) After a long friendship, she took a different path. She let herself become indoctrinated by people, an ideology, a religion or something of the sort. Crime is undoubtedly nothing to be excluded. I have tried to convince her of her error and it eventually ended up with a definitive break between us. Today, I know that your friend is suffering, but unfortunately, I can do nothing else for her. She has been manipulated and her indoctrination runs deeply. A day will come when i will have the opportunity to see her again under better conditions, but this day will take some time to arrive. Meanwhile, I need to think about myself and my long-term happiness. Take care of my own fate and remain radiant in my life because this is what is required of me. Whenever the right time comes, I will discover that time does things right.
An unpleasant situation has been going on for truly too long. You are going to have to backtrack in order to resolve a problem that has to be dealt with at its source. You have put excessive trust in a man who is proud and vain. This man is about the same age as you and you’ve known him for a long time. It seems that you once again put yourself in a foolish situation on account of him. However, even if over several years you have had the annoying habit of believing everything he has told you, today you’ve largely learned to tell apart what is true and what is false in what comes out of his mouth. This man is to all intents and purposes a pathological liar with limitless ambition. It’s happening again that you are letting yourself be fooled by him, simply because you don’t want to take the risk of ignoring something that may be true. However, you will need to show even greater perspicacity than you have shown until now, since he keeps succeeding in generating doubt in your mind. You need to understand that you have already learned several lessons from your relationship with him, so it is indisputable that you should be capable of better judging the circumstances behind what he says. Of course, you can’t anticipate everything, but there are certain signs in the way he expresses himself that betray him. So, be even more vigilant – you clearly have the opportunity and the ability.


Someone would like to explain something to you, but he/she cannot. An unfortunate or unusual event has taken place and he/she wants to explain the reasons of this event to you, but he/she cannot do it now. It is very important for him/her, as well as for you. This person is currently injured or sick. He/She needs some time to recover and gain strength. He/She is linked to you by love. This person loves you and you love him/her too. You know each other since childhood. You have a shared garden which connects you to each other. This person’s state of health makes you depressed, but it is only a transient state. This person will recover. A trip has also been cancelled. But anyhow, this trip did not look very happy.

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