What’s Next?

You know I can really relate, she said to him as she released a big sigh. I’ve made some pretty bad choices in men and now I have to rebuild my life because of it.  I was too headstrong and stubborn to do what I truly knew was the right thing to do. Nope, I had to run around with assholes who treated me poorly, like shit exactly, just like I was that piece of poop stuck on a shoe to give you an idea, you know the one that when it’s found is frantically scraped on the sidewalk or grass in a desperate attempt to get it off. The sad thing is that with each one the next just got worse, the last one being the one that I married. My mom always chastised me for having too big of a heart and always wanting to take Care of the world. I always kept the faith, saying things would get better they would change and so on. I didn’t learn until I was choked and thrown out of my own car by someone who..when he was sober professed his undying love for me.
Needless to say I ended up packing my car with all that I could fit in it, including my dog of 10 years and my teenage daughter, $500 borrowed bucks in my pocket and what clothing we could fit in the car.
He chased us out to the car, screaming and kicking  dents in it as I drove off. I lost everything that I had worked my ass off to help build, the house & all, everything. We then drove 1480 miles to get back to our hometown in Michigan.  Oh and lets not forget the details of when i got pushed out if my own car, cause that fool had lost his license over DUI, I didn’t even have shoes on! Ooh i was pissed walking, it was cold and I had no shoes on – shit! I’m seriously laughing about that shit as I’m thinking about it, but only since it’s in the past and I can see my own stupidity.

Since that time I decided to get right, change my perspective, and gain some self confidence.

I’ve been single ever since as I progress forward in finding myself.




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