Your creativity is being threatened by a pessimistic person. This person is a Virgo. He or she does not believe in your ideas and constantly discourages you when you submit new projects. The life of this person is full of an endless monotony and you must not let yourself be influenced by it, as you will lose many business opportunities. You have a young and refined spirit that must blossom constantly and many pleasant surprises will be coming to your life if you allow your instinct to guide you. While often eccentric, your plans for the future are realistic and usually very viable. All of your initiatives must be considered, as some of them will end up enriching you greatly. Moreover, you will have a meeting with someone a Sunday afternoon in February, while working on one of your projects. This person is unpredictable but a perfectionist. He or she lives on a plateau and feels a particular love for animals. He or she will tell you a secret and this secret will allow you to acquire a lot throughout the years. Your personal fortune will be big.

 You must thank a being of the afterlife for the help he (she) has given you. You get the answers you were searching for through this being. Furthermore he (she) pushes you to dig deeper into your spiritual inspiration to help your exchanges with him (her). On this point, he (she) invites you to find a specific location in your house that will be conducive to meditation. You’ll use the area to favor meditation deep within you. This place allows you to be more responsive (receptive) to his (her) messages. You will then adopt a personal communication ritual that you will practice each time you would like to interact with him (her). He (she) will recognize this ritual, and each time he (she) will come to meet you to receive your confidences and wrap you with his (her) love. This being is a person you know well, whom you love deeply and who died. Although he (she) has no infinite powers, he (she) still has the ability to help you with certain aspects of your life and intervene for you with God when necessary.

 A woman will give life. The child that will be born will acquire great knowledge. He/she will be able to resolve enigmas and he/she will be in a position to know very well the human spirit. His/her birth will be associated with science, knowledge and longevity. This child is therefore predestined to have a long life. He/she will live a large part of his/her life in the country and/or surrounded by animals. He/she will probably be a veterinarian, biologist or something like that. He/she will also love to transmit his/her knowledge to others, and because of this, he/she will also touch school education. He/she will probably teach biology or a related domain.

 You find inspiration in new ideas and in self-discovery. A spiritual renewal is currently taking place in your mind and you are probably not even aware of it. Your soul is animated with a new energy that is happening in you and which will provide you with abundant nourishment in the near future. As a result, your dreams are assuming a predominant place in your mind and they will chart a new road for you that will lead you to fulfill them more spontaneously, and this will happen in a future time that is closer at hand. Hidden concepts: a very close friend, the astrological sign of Libra, sincere friendship, responsibility, total harmony, tenderness, love relationship, overcoming, liberation, Monday, morning, the month of March.

 You are entering into a phase of stabilization and consolidation. A major life change is not advisable for you at the moment. You must persevere in your current development, because it will be fruitful for you. If you are calling your job into question, it is better to choose a promotion in your current environment rather than changing jobs. At the moment, rooting yourself in your current environment will lead you toward a promotion or improvement of your standard of living on a professional level. If you are a student, it is clearly obvious that you must continue your education. Therefore, you had better solidify your knowledge, because in the present perspective, your current social position is most advantageous to you. Be patient, for better options will present themselves to you later.

 A friend of a friend will not be one of yours. A man in relation with a male member of your circle of acquaintances (family, at work, or somewhere else) will not have good intentions for you. The perception he has of you is a real problem for him. Furthermore, this man also seems to fear or believe that you are an obstacle to one of his personal projects. You will then have a hard time getting along with him, so it’s useless to set up too great of a hope of getting close, of associating, interacting or discussing with him. This man will clearly be uninterested in doing business with you, and it will be completely useless to try to change his mind.

Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, you work with the sweat of your brow to aquire and to deserve what you have, so you must not give or lend blindly. You will have to react to an urgent and unforseen situation. Someone (m/f) will ask you for money. This is someone who is in your close circle of acquaintances. Considering your achievements and your financial commitments, it is a considerable amount of money. To help this person, it is possible that you might be able to part with some of that money, but surely not all of it. In any case, even if you are kind-hearted, you must not ruin yourself for someone who is immature and who continually squanders his/her money. This person wastes his/her money in an incredible way, and that is why he/she needs to borrow some. His/her behavior is incorrigible and there is no doubt that the money that you will lend him/her will also be wasted, and probably in record time. Unless you accept the idea that your money will never come back to you, you must not lend to this person. Without worrying about the consequences of his/her actions, and about the burden he/she is placing on you, this person is about to ask you to put yourself in a very difficult financial situation in which you do not really deserve to find yourself. Now is not the time for kindness, and you have to think of yourself first. You do not reasonably have to take responsibility for the mistakes of another person, even less if that person shows almost complete indifference towards the sacrifice that he/she is asking you.



An event will delight you a lot. A person you love will be a source of inspiration for you and will lead you to make an extraordinary journey. This trip will be wonderful and will be made by air. This has to do with a very close (female) friend who is in fragile health. This woman is a very significant person in your life, and she will lead you to surpass yourself. Your motivation for this trip will come from her. This woman will push you to conquer a fear, a block or a constraint. Thanks to her, a prohibition will turn into an accomplishment. You will take on the adventure and you’ll get over your insecurity. Boldness and caution will no longer appear as incompatible and you will discover a freedom that you have never known. But before any of this, an (unavoidable) legal document has to be granted or issued to you. Someone has to approve of your process. Yet this is only bureaucratic formality and not strictly a qualification or authorization.



You will achieve an extraordinary victory over yourself. Your internal harmony will be greater and your new way of cohabitating on Earth with other human beings will make you access an unparalleled beauty. Your social and spiritual life will achieve a balance never achieved before. You will meet a person with a very high rank on the human scale. This will be someone (m/f) that will be very closely related to the field of the arts and personal accomplishment. Your relationship will be very significant. It will accentuate your acceptance of responsibilities on the planetary level and it will lead you to considerably ascend in relation to the phenomenon of universal consciousness. Great promises will be kept and important frontiers will fall before you.

 You are in a situation of submission in your love life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are submissive in your romantic relationship but more that you are dependent on love. You have an almost excessive need to be loved, and you cannot imagine your life without being part of a couple. Be careful because a lack of love can keep you from rational thoughts and decisions. You need to be supported by another person, and you will always have difficulty being grounded in your life without it. Inspiration is a necessity for you, but it can’t come in the form of another person’s love for you. Therefore, marriage is the only solution for you if you want to achieve happiness.

 Watch out for certain actions from a person close to you because they can harm your business and considerably hurt your personal financial performance. Avoid supporting this person financially, who probably doesn’t know how to handle the financial support that you provide. This individual is wasting your money.


You will go to an island. This place is inhabited by an incredible number of birds. You will be accompanied by one or more members of your family. It will most likely be your child (or children), if not, it will be someone younger than yourself who is closely associated with your family circle. You will go to this island to find someone whom you have not seen in a very long time. This will also be a person associated with your family circle. You will be on this island to grant a wish. You will make a pact (contract, sale, purchase, verbal agreement, will, testament or otherwise) with this person. This pact will involve a very important amount of money.



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