Tarot Card Reading…Self

There’s a friendly meeting with a woman coming. This meeting will be in connection with a journey that you’ll be going on. The purpose of this journey will be to allow you to see family or a friend again, who lives far away. This woman has instructions to pass on to you. Your meeting will clarify certain details which relate to the journey you’re preparing for. She will help assure the success of the journey, as well as helping you avoid certain problems or complications that could come with it.

Very serious consideration will be required from you about the acquisition of a new, long-term property with great value (given your budget). This has to do with a property (house, residence, plot, building, shop, etc.) and a procedure that will require great judgment from you. This property is near a lake or a body of water (pool, fountain, etc.). You will make several comings and goings to meet with a woman who will be directly connected with this event. This woman will be a key person in this affair. Your procedure will be legitimate, but you’ll have to avoid improvising too much if you feel disoriented faced with the magnitude of the procedure to come. You will manage to carry everything out on the condition that you are as yielding as you are persistent. But be careful not to let yourself become discouraged by those who don’t believe in your ability to complete this transaction. These people are especially those who have superior financial abilities to yours. Your initiative may be perceived as a threat or a source of jealousy for some, while others will try to further protect their own interests rather than advise you honestly.

 Major winds of change are to be expected in how you perceive the things that are most important to you. You are going through a period of great internal upheaval. Your ideas, your thoughts and your aspirations are changing, and this goes right down to the very foundation of your ideology about the meaning of human life and the reasons that have led you to find yourself in the place where you are today. This means that major changes will be happening as a result of the soul-searching that you will undertake, and that the force of circumstance has forced upon you. You will be revaluating your priorities and you will be rethinking most elements of your current life. Seen from the current perspective, your future does not appear to ensure what you are really seeking in the future and this is why you are exploring and analyzing the reasons behind your aspirations, your actions and your relationships with others. The synthesis you are going to make must be serious and well executed, because it will carry enormous weight as you have to determine the value of the beings who surround you and whom you love.

 You need an explanation. You have been pushed away from a project or activity and don’t know why. Someone seems to want to get rid of you. You are either in the way of someone or represent a threat to that person. You’re not okay with it, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You have spent a lot of money and are about to lose everything. You have taken a lot of risks by getting involved in this and now you are paying the price. Unfortunately you cannot do anything else but demand explanations. Moreover, the explanations will not be satisfactory, and it doesn’t seem like you will be told the truth. Better not place too much hope in your requests because there is definitely no intent to be honest with you.


 You will be led to go on a number of journeys. Most of them will be for pleasure, but a few will be necessary. These journeys will all happen efficiently and in a comfortable environment. They will be important aspects of your future plans. They will develop more and more, and become essential for your happiness. They will be meticulously planned and caution will be an important aspect of their preparation. You will make some fascinating discoveries on your travels abroad, and will benefit from them accordingly by participating in, or helping with, numerous local rituals.

 Someone is doing everything possible for you to be interested in him/her. You don’t know this person for long. You haven’t noticed this person until now. This individual has great characteristics but is also quite stubborn. He/she is determined to create an emotional bond with you and he/she won’t give up. He/she is about to take a trip and if possible, he/she would love to take you along. You know who it is. He/she has received an inheritance during the past year. You have spoken with him/her and this person has told you about it.



A man of a higher social rank than yours will be compassionate towards you. This man wants your well-being and will take concrete actions in this regard. He will spend money for you and he will work less often in order to look after you.

 You are currently going through some form of excessive sensitivity. You need kindness and gentleness. Your refuge is found in the family comforts and in the support of your family. In fact, you have been over stimulated by a stressful event and you need to find emotional stability and to be relieved from an emotional pain. You should not hesitate to ask for support that you need because your loved ones are willing to look after you. You do not have to be ashamed of your behavior or actions that you could do to get there, because for your loved ones nothing is more important than your happiness. You should talk and confide in somebody. This is essential to reduce your sufferings. Your perception of reality is wrong and you need not feel guilty. The others are receptive to your grief and you have to cross the bridge that separates you from them. You will have a decisive interaction with a woman of a foreign origin whose Zodiac sign is Pisces. This woman is going to help you and put up with you through this hard time. Keywords: continent, plateau, robbery, lousy person, dangerous game, upset, anxiety, radical financial change, on Monday morning, month of March.


 Love from someone close to you is irreversible and will follow you forever, even after death. It is a woman who has unfailing love for you. She is an exceptional mother, and she is mainly characterized by her gentleness and her great sense of her responsibilities. You have gone a long way with her and your relationship is and will always be private and privileged. This woman doesn’t always show her feelings because your happiness matters above all else. She always works hard to adapt to any situation, as complex as they may be, and she shows great disappointment when she doesn’t do as well as she wants to. She is human and energetic – she often tends to feel guilty for you – but she is undeniably your greatest friend and your greatest ally. She is your mother and she wants to give you everything. So, honor her as much as she deserves and as much as you can, because you won’t always have such a good opportunity to do so.



Wisdom and respect for human values will be your best allies in your relationship situation. Your honesty and generosity will have a major place in your daily actions and thoughts. Even if your professional life has a great impact on your personal life, you must make sure not to neglect your love life.



A love relationship or close friendship is gaining momentum. Your activities with someone close to you are deepening and you are about to reach a point of no return. This relationship will become more intense and will soon force you to change some of your usual habits in a very significant way. In addition, there is also the specific issue of a journey south, travelled on land (by train or car). It’s probably on holiday. This journey will be wonderful and will allow you to discuss your future projects. You will have a lot to talk about and it will be the perfect moment for a more formal declaration of love between you two. However, not everyone is happy about your relationship with this person. Someone else (m/f) feels betrayed. It is pretty obvious this second person is quite young: either a child, a teenager or a very a young adult. Be careful to prevent a grudge from forming between yourself and this young person. You will most certainly have to walk on eggshells, so prepare to be understanding of his/her fears.




Negotiations or serious discussions will take place in your professional circle. Unavoidable compromises will be made. Even if they don’t involve you directly, you will be closely concerned with the resulting decisions. In a more specific light, this means that a contract or deal (acquisition or sale) will be drawn. This event will be beneficial to you because it will cause improvements in your life. It is also a question of a woman with foreign origins who is barely older than you. Her influence in these negotiations will be great. She has a great sum of money and she is very persuasive. This woman likes making acquisitions and her business sense is eloquent. She is demanding and it’s difficult not to be dominated by her. A decision lies in her hands and this decision will have a positive and determinant consequence on you and/or your work.



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