Today is the day that we not only mourn your passing but most importantly we CELEBRATE YOUR life and the special gift that we were given when you were born. My little blue eyed charmer who came into this world fighting as a mere 3 lb 5 oz preemie would also leave this world fighting – fighting to stay with your loved ones.
We celebrate you and your beautiful spirit which still lives on in us, in our hearts and I carry you with me wherever I go, in my . Your beautiful smile, sweet disposition and comical nature which bought laughter to all those around you. (volleyball net) Making people laugh even during your most trying times, braving your battle with laughter and a smile, a sweet blessing to all those around you. To this day no other has surpassed you in my life – always the little man of the house. So today we begin a new tradition – we Celebrate you, your life, your journey with us. I am thankful for every minute that I was able to be a part of it.
We Love You ~

It’s been ten years 12/01/2013 and I wonder where has the time gone? Even though it’s said that time heals all wounds the pain hasn’t lessened that’s for sure. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you, there’s times that I see you in the faces of passers by, and sometimes I even see your actions in another. Acceptance isn’t any easier now than it was the first year or the year after that…you will always be missed dearly. That low dull ache in my heart is me missing you


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