On Spot Reading

An objective demands constant efforts and much humility of you. You do not receive what you deserve, but at least you have what is necessary. Your efforts will be rewarded, but beforehand, you must obey a logic which is not yours and which demands your patience and courage. A man which is around your age has a financial proposal for you. This man is one of your neighbors and his astrological sign is Aries. You must be wary of him because his proposal only aims to dazzle you and make you dependent on him. This offer cannot be concluded in an honest, serious and appropriate way without your two signatures, and in no way does this man have the intention to sign anything in order to guarantee his good faith. A legal paper is definitely necessary to complete an arrangement of this type and you cannot allow yourself to trust uniquely his word. Keywords: sun, ocean, hypnotic, black arts, intelligence, creativity, suspicion, Wednesday afternoon, month of March.
You have some bad memories within you that take a long time to erase. You must avoid being too nostalgic and thinking too much about your future. You have new challenges to overcome and you will have great rewards if you try to persevere with all the dynamism and enthusiasm that you’re usually know how to demonstrate. Your intellectual and psychological strength is very real and you’re formally prohibited from doubting it. With great effort, you’re able to achieve great things and you know it. Most people aren’t able to achieve half of what you can, and there’s no doubt about it here on earth and in the hereafter. A great many people depend on you every day because you give them the courage and determination in terms of what is most venerable. You are the one they use as an example to overcome their greatest challenges, so you mustn’t disappoint them. Here, it’s a matter of a demanding task that involves many pitfalls and constraints. Everyone is looking to you and they’re all watching to see what you’ll do. You must detach yourself from a recent misadventure in the past and think about your loved ones and all of those who believe in you. It is time for you to look ahead, as that’s where the greatest challenges of your existence on earth are. Your disappointments from the past have been learning experiences, and not failures. It’s in your DNA, you needed those learning experiences to find where your true destiny lies. Now you know it, you were destined for great things, so it’s now time to show all of your incredible and prodigious strength of character. Now, rise up and show yourself to be worthy of the person who you really are.
You will meet a woman who is ill. This woman is older than you and she lives in the countryside. Her virtues are her wisdom and her courtesy. Astrologically, she is a Sagittarius. She is estranged from her relatives. She has artistic qualities and she lives in great harmony with animals. She likes to go to auctions and participate in them. In addition to feeling entertained, she gets a sense of power and fire from them. However, her health is decaying and she feels that death is approaching. She would like to clarify her inheritance and she has a secret to tell you. This secret is partially linked to some legal paperwork. You will have a meeting together on a Monday afternoon in November.
A deep feeling of worry is currently being transformed into creativity. From now on, you will feel more sure of your future plans, and your thoughts will no longer be your enemies. All of this will be possible because of the discipline you apply to solving your past problems. You’ve known for a long time that you have a choice to make, and you will make it. You need to take full responsibility for future events, and from now on you will apply yourself to methodically following this rule. You do not necessarily have to take risks every time an opportunity comes up. Your success will be well-deserved because you’ll be able to avoid wild fluctuations in your investments and finances. You will know better than anyone that being timid when it comes to business can pay off sometimes, and that is true no matter what some people have said about it. You have an intuitive personality, and therefore it’s to your advantage to trust yourself rather than other people.
Your family keeps you very busy. You see many people, and you like to relax with your near and dear ones. You feel very connected to them. They bring you joy and your moments of greatest happiness. You have made a promise, and you must force yourself to keep your word. There is a special someone, who feels a lot of love for you. You bring him/her peace of mind and warmth of human affection. He/she enjoys every moment he/she spends with you. No one understands him/her better than you do. When you arrive, you relieve his/her pain and settle his/her disputes with others. You have promised to take care of him/her, and he/she trusts you.
Someone in your surroundings is talking about your love life, but does not understand what he/she is saying (or does not know what he/she is talking about). In fact, he/she wants (or hopes) to see you become somebody that you are not. This person is not realistic with regards to you and he/she is sometimes severly shocked by your acts (or ambitions) on the amorous level. Here, it is clear that somebody does not approve of your decisions (your judgement) and is overtly seeking to manage your life. STOP! You have the right to love who you want intensely and you have the right to take care of yourself (both in body and mind) in the way that you want. Others do not have to blame you for who you are and who you want to become, especially when they do not know what they are talking about. You have the right to spend your money in your way, and you are also right to avoid the people who prevent you from being what you are. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulated, because you will be miserable. Live according to your desires, and not those of others. Yes, affirm yourself, it’s your right!
You are currently being put through a difficult change. A judgment must be implemented and you must submit yourself to it. This change is deep and relatively unpredictable. It will make your perspective of the future unstable and will make you doubt. In this sense, you have to transform your way of thinking, because the situation has totally changed. You must prepare yourself for something new and it will make you adapt. This adaptation will require effort on your part, but this is not necessarily negative. Key concepts: time off, renaissance, going back and forth in love, a friend very close to the astrological sign of Virgo, new balance, self-rule, Saturday night, December.
A love is showing up in the form of an affliction, disappointment, disillusionment, worry, or something of the sort. Strangely, you experience this love as suffering (or apprehension) rather than great happiness. Here, you aren’t in control of your feelings. You would like to pay no attention to an individual, but you are utterly incapable of doing so. This individual causes you stress even as he/she makes you dream. You would like to do all sorts of things with him/her, but nothing of importance comes of it. This situation involves a person who is part of the inner circle of one of your (male) friends. This individual has great communication skills and a matchless ability for transmitting ideas and having conversations with just about anybody. This individual is playful and is a go-getter, and he/she is in a position of influence with many people. Currently, you share a good friendship with him/her, but nothing more. You often get the impression that he/she seeks more of your company, but you aren’t entirely sure that this is so. Even if your intuition is confusing you more than enlightening you, you remain strongly attracted to this individual, and feel this in an even more undeniable way in his/her presence (feelings that you sense physically). Some events will soon take place that will strengthen your bond with him/her. Your perceptions are not as incoherent as you imagine. This individual truly has feelings for you – it’s only that he/she hasn’t yet found a good way (or the right circumstances) to communicate them to you. He/she no doubt has a very concrete obstacle to overcome (one that you may not know about) in order to get to where he/she can approach you.
Your name has been written on a will which will lead you to move one day. This will was written by someone you regularly come to see. This person lives in the countryside or near a small village. The road that leads to this place is winding and surrounded by small hills. The surrounding landscape is made of several steep slopes as well as a few animal farms. This person has psychic powers and has often enlightened you regarding your future projects. This person is very positive regarding all aspects of life and he/she is the ideal person to cheer you up when you need to be encouraged, stimulated or inspired. The bond that unites you both is therefore extremely strong and only death will be able to break it one day.
A trip, a journey or an outing will lead to find a friend from long ago. This is a person for whom you have deep admiration. You worked (at school or at work) together in the past, a few years ago, and you have kept an imperishable memory of your relationship. You will be immensely happy to see this person again and you will spend a very good time together. You will notice that your friendship has not really gone out. Furthermore, we can see that you have a (wonderful) project in common that will take shape in the future. However, nothing is revealed here about it and it will not come up at this encounter. Obviously, you will learn more about it in other circumstances.
You are charming. Others appreciate your gentleness, politeness and your manners. However, you are a perfectionist at the professional level and you easily criticize yourself. Be careful not to destroy yourself psychologically or socially because you are meticulous and you always judge yourself quite harshly. On the other hand, your great attention to detail makes you a wise and far-sighted human being. You can anticipate dangerous or harmful events faster and more naturally than anyone else. This chain ends in a decisive way which means that you will save someone in danger or who has a serious injury. You will probably perform a heroic act and/or rescue someone’s life.
There will be a sudden unexpected event which will affect a person who is very close to you. This unexpected event is linked to modern technology. This will not necessarily be catastrophic, but it will still be quite annoying. This person will need to postpone an activity or a meeting with you. The events will require a great effort of understanding on your part. This is about marginality and subtlety, so you will need to be very open-minded about the situation. Nothing will be like anything you experienced in the past and you’ll need to use your intuition in every action you’ll take. In order to win this challenge, you will have to show your selflessness and your ability to be a great friend.


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