What I’d loved the most

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Thought provoking words which send me into an inward journey. Sitting in a small Cafe oblivious to everything and everyone around me. Slowly sipping the delectable aromatic coffee reveling in thoughts and gently putting them to pen and paper. Savoring every last minute of the feelings being evoked deep within the very core.
Rising up out of the ashes of what was once me, thoughts of my entire life flood my mind as the past, the present and the future converge and roll out on paper seemingly with ease. Recalling all the things that I’d done, all the things that I didn’t and all the things that I plan to to do in the future. What and who I’d loved so very much and what had left a residual bad taste in my very being. Yes my inner journey took me to the heart of things so to speak, this being the sweet feelings that Loving and being loved bring as well as
The loves the losses, the pains and sorrows. the highs that come with the subtle stirring of love as creeps into your very being, euphoria. Falling in love is what’s considered one of the most delectable feelings that come to us when we open up and allow it to happen and to unfold naturally.
Of all of the things that I have loved to do I’d found that love and loving is what Brings the most joy. Loving with the entire being which comes from the heart. Falling in love as well as the lows that come with loss as you part.
It’s amazing where one tiny phrase has taken me and how deep. That one little sentence drew me to a place which seems so long ago, lifetimes away. What I’ve loved the most is being in Love with you and this until the day that I die. True blue unconditional Love, rare but real.

What will it take to bring people back to Love or love back to people.


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