/> 20140627-101915-37155719.jpg Wishes, I imagine are made almost every minute of everyday. Like most people I make wishes more often than not. As children almost everyone has wished….wish wish upon a star, close your eyes blow out the candles and make a wish, blow the dandelions and make a wish, throw a penny in the fountain and wish, wish wish. Sucking in air and filling your lungs with a deep breath and exhaling deep as you blow it all out thinking of what you want the most. Keeping those wishes a secret so they’d come true just like you were told. I’d wish for toys and candy as a child and as a teen I’d wish for a particular boys attention or money for new jeans and shoes like the “cool” kids would wear, you know the expensive ones that we couldn’t afford. What makes those wishes so powerful that we never cease to believe in them? As we get older we begin to wish for other things which we feel are more important to us like Love. Who hasn’t wished for a knight in shining armor, Prince Charming, a sleeping beauty, or the what they think is their ultimate lover their soul mate or twin flame? Very few of us. Unfortunately though wishes don’t always materialize like we think they will or should as in fairy tales, wishes come with a price. You see what we wish for isn’t always the best thing for us according to the divine plan, life purpose, fate or destiny, but we wish anyway only to find out later that we should’ve looked at the big picture ahead if time. It’s my firm belief that whatever is meant to be will happen, although I am one of those people guilty of having made those wishes and bringing the wrong things into my life. Standing under the night sky as the silvery rays of moonlight cascade from a giant full moon which looks like its just an arms reach away. Stretching arms out as if to embrace this beautiful glowing globe in the sky and wishing with all my might for a true love, a soul mate rich with love for me. That undeniable love at first sight experience which sends your tummy into fluttery little tickles, those butterflies. That one of a kind feeling. Asking for love and then receiving it but unfortunately sometimes as a tragic love story, like Romeo and Juliet the lovers that couldn’t be together but without the extreme ending such as theirs. Are there any real Romeo’s, Lancelot & Guinevere’s, valiant star crossed lovers who would do anything for their love out there any more? I’ve learned to be careful what I wish for because what I’m wishing for isn’t always the best thing for me. People come into your life to help you learn and grow. Learning with each experience to make the next one even better. I’ve wished love in and had to cast it out. So just as I wished you in I now wish you out, the tie becomes severed my sanity returned as I exhale that last bit of breath and imagine the gentle breeze picking up to carry my wish gently out, out into the universe. Stopping at your ear to whisper the message to your loving soul with fondness, we are done for now but my love will stay with you forever and I wish you the best. With this last deep breath and exhale I release me so that I am no longer tied to and no longer feel you my love. I’ve loved you and lost, the obstacles too great. Warmness fills my heart as I think of you and I thank you for every bit of love that I felt at a time when when I so desperately needed to feel love and I thank you for the valuable lessons that you’ve helped me learn through you. I believe in love, I believe in miracles and I believe in wishes that come true.

"Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? "

I wipe my tears and walk away always to remember these words, be careful what you wish for…


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