I Think Too Much 2013


While cleaning out closets which seems to me hold mountains of unused once valuable items, valuable in the personal sense, sentimental me always having to save something of the past. As I rummage through these items one at a time I inspect them closely as if they will speak and tell me of their possible value, why I might want them in the future. I think, and I think, my mind goes back to days gone by and I begin to clean out the closets, you know the ones we keep in our minds. The ones that hold the things that we don’t want right now but we may need to pull it out in the future or those closets in our minds where we hide things, keep secrets. A slow, tedious process which can in some instances be very painful. Yes cleaning closets can be painful, there I said it. It can also be painful, painful to the extent that we don’t finish, we just stop and tuck everything away and ignore. Just these past two years alone I have hidden and repressed emotions which I managed to shove way back into the dark recesses of my mind, hoping that they would somehow  magically disappear and I would never have to deal with them. This is wrong and I know it. I know that this junk that I have tucked away will come back to haunt me in one way or another, like addictions. I realized that I need to deal with every single thing that I had been avoiding which I kept tucked away and hidden.

Sometimes I think that I have wasted my life, I didn’t accomplish some mission or purpose that I am here to do but I realize that I was wrong. Oh the places that I have been and the paths that I have yet to trek. To see,feel, touch, smell & heal…

Thinking, it’s what I do. Sometimes I write about what I think and many times what I think is way out of this world filled with whys, who’s, and I wonder’s. This is me, the never ending questioner who must always for some odd reason question everything, and at times even self. Why? Is it to create some sort of poetry work or better yet is it an indescribable feeling that something needs to be let out? This feeling, it’s  almost as though I am about to burst, push forth a creature from deep within me, which will take the shape of a written piece of work. A clawing beast with long sharp teeth like a panther, which is bubbling up like lava in a volcano before it erupts and spews out as a massive force into the world. It will happen and it won’t be much longer, I can feel it rising out of the deepest darkest depths of my soul.

This is how I Think:

It’s amazing how a tiny thing like a plant or flower can hold so much power and release the gift of


The more I see the less I know.

Friends should be more than a phone call twice in 6 months

Friendship shouldn’t be a burden

A friends should be there for you when you need them & vice versa

It’s awful how people treat one another these days – no wonder there are so many instances of depression and suicide.

of a time in which someone helped change your life.

about giving thanks for all of the wonderful people in my life and all that I have – Love.

Have we, we being the human race, actually become more civilized or are we just hiding our true animal selves?

Writing for some is a gift, a natural given talent but for most it is something that is like second nature never giving much thought to it. The ability to read and write a language is a great accomplishment, but what if  a time came when a simple thing like writing was non-existent? Society has already banished learning how to write in cursive, what’s next no writing by hand at all and then what if it was a crime to write because the only ones who were allowed were a select few? Odd thought huh? Kinda like abolishing books & people reading.

Our country has changed and not for the better.

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Use it but give credit where credit is due~


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