My future is foretold

Your way of doing things will impress an influential person. Your doings will attract an unexpected reward. This has to do with a woman who lives near you. She is a very gifted artist. This woman travels regularly. She has visited many places around the world. She will take a rather long time off in order to re-energize. Her financial situation enables her to do so. During this time, she will contribute more to the local community and you will have special contact with her. This woman is ambitious for herself, but also for others (especially for those who deserve it). This has to do with a celebration and a real estate transaction. This woman will want to know you a little better and will get closer to you. She will see how you know how to take care of others and she will decide to do something in order to thank you for your good deeds. She will pay you great honor and will give you an undreamt-of gift. This gift will have inestimable value for you and it will considerably improve your quality of life.

Major revelation! A psychologically difficult period is now over. You had a test to overcome and you did it! You now no longer need to give accounts of your financial situation, and you no longer have to justify your transactions or your investments. A sum of money was difficult to recover (or get), but this is now a part of your past. In the future, you will be able to think about those that you love and stop worrying about a financial concern that was following you everywhere. A malicious being (on Earth or in the hereafter) had authority over you and you are now free! It is the love of someone close that allowed this. This is someone who is one of your relatives (or an intimate friend) (on Earth or in the hereafter). This is someone who is very attached to you. Following his supplications (prayers or otherwise), an “unusual” but “implacable” order was formally given (in the hereafter) in your favour so that a situation might cease immediately and definitely. This order was not given by the Divine, but strangely, it is almost the same as if it had been. In fact, this order was given by an exceptional being that is in a very high position in the hereafter. It is probably an archangel, a historical prophet, or somebody very special who has the power to accomplish very great miracles on Earth. There is no doubt that this being has a manifest and indisputable authority where he is. He commands! Obviously, he has under his authority a myriad of angels or celestial entities (an extraordinary army) ready to intervene on his orders (at any time) to fight the demon. His power is so great that he is only very rarely authorized (by the Divine) to act on Earth. Do you really realize what this indicates? Certainly, someone close to you prayed for you, but why is such a powerful being personally involved for you? Certainly, in the hereafter you must be invaluable! In short, no matter who you really are, you must be incredibly worth it!
(I’ve always known that I’m a cherished being and protected by the divine

Things will be difficult and support from those around you will be weak. You will have to clear out a lot of ground by yourself before others will finally realize that your ideas and your life path are reliable and that real success is waiting for you at the end of your journey. Remain confident in what you’re doing because your intuition is guiding you well. Even if some obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable, you have the true ability to overcome mountains. It’s not because your loved ones don’t trust you; it’s only that they don’t have as much vision as you do. It’s completely normal that not everyone has your flair, so you must forgive. You manage to feel out the future much better than many people and this is why you can see rainbows where others only see rain. Stay your course and indulge your loved ones. One day, your courage will be recognized and you will then be rewarded. Your bravery will bring you esteem from those who are great in this world, but before this happens, you must think about yourself and learn to be proud of what you are.

A recent painful event (or major disappointment) is clouding your vision and keeping you from properly analyzing your current situation. A man will be speaking to you with the aim of helping you to reason through it. You need to reflect about your real prospects for the future and this man will guide you to reconsider big ideas that you have given up in the past. This man is patient, talented and he has the ability to recognize the wounds that are causing people pain. He will make a very major effort on your behalf and will be very loyal to you. This situation is mainly one of money, mistrust and financial choices. It is imperative that what is making you suffer stop getting worse. You are in need of stability, harmony and vitality. This man will get the swindlers away from you and will not tolerate anybody who is making you suffer. He will rise up on your behalf and make major efforts to protect you from anyone who takes advantage of your generosity. Symbolically, he is a gardener of life. For this reason, he will be in a position to help you discover great wonders, both about nature and the seasons and about life in its broadest sense. He is the one person in whom you can place all of your trust with candor, tranquility and ease, and he will bring you the safety and serenity that you need.

Prosperity is on its way. Your wealth will grow from your efforts. You are on your way to making a great fortune through your work and tenacity. You will get a new business proposition and your long-term financial stability will soon be secure. You will join up with a man in your close circle in something to do with a transaction or a very promising opportunity. However, you must realize that this man doesn’t have as much maturity as you and you’ll have to lead him to be more serious in his undertaking. Even if he has a lot of respect for you and for what you do, this man will not be able to follow you indefinitely. His confidence in himself is lacking and you’ll eventually have to continue on your way alone and independently. When the time comes, you’ll surely suffer great pain to see this man leave the ship, but in the long term, it will be for the best. With time, you’ll become independent in your enterprise (commerce, business or something else) and this will let you prosper more constantly and more quickly. You’ll blossom wonderfully in business and everything you will gain will be obviously much deserved.

You will have to show authority and dignity with regards to a person of the opposite sex who should no longer be part of your surroundings. This person has against him/her his/her insolence and forked tongue. But be careful, because he/she is impulsive and very unpredictable! Before doing anything to prevent him/her from committing his/her bad deeds against you, you will have to be very rational in your manner of doing things, and leave nothing to chance. This person has a disconcerting reaction speed and you will have to be sure not to leave him/her the opportunity to respond. Frankness and a direct approach (without exaggeration) will be your best approach to face him/her and restrain his/her malicious attacks. As much as possible, you will have (in the future) to work to avoid this person, because he/she will only bring you (constantly) worries and inconveniences. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulated by the feelings and nice words of this person, because he/she is not sincere.


You have the opportunity to change something very close to you and which is very significant for your overall future. This change, if you make it, will give you the chance to blossom in a kind world where nothing is superficial. This world is the source of a creative energy which can lead you to perform at your best both professionally and artistically. It is your life’s work and will bring you fame as well as material wealth. If you want access to it, you’ll have to detach yourself from something or someone who is currently holding you back and is stopping you from opening a door meant only for and which only you can go through.

You have a great feeling on the amorous level concerning a person of the opposite sex who is older than you. This person impresses through his/her beauty, but mostly by the simply and very effective way in which he/she seduces without any effort. This is about a balanced person, but who is somewhat of a rebel with regards to the constraints imposed by society. You have a particular ease in reading his/her thoughts, and this shows that there is wonderful chemistry between you two. However, here, the context is not favorable to a greater closeness between you. Even if this person loves you, there is a major obstacle that forces to show great realism with regards to the situation The influence that this person has on you is indirect, and it must stay that way. This obstacle is very serious, and you know what it is. Even if sometimes you would like to be wrong, the reality is obvious and you do not really have the power to change things. Nonetheless, do not forget that feelings really exist between you, and that they should not be taken lightly. So act prudently, but most of all, act according to your conscience.

You will recover a longtime friend. This is a woman whom you really liked in the past. This woman has as her main characteristics her intelligence and her leadership. She is also a very tender and very affectionate woman with her friends. She has many things to tell you and your meeting will cause much rejoicing. This woman was very close to you and, as such, it will be a great reunion. You have a lot in common (psychologically) and you share affinities (socially). You have a great affinity and, despite the distance, she has remained unchanged, and just as strong. You share many fun memories, and most of them are still fresh in your memory. Unfortunately, this meeting will only last a short while and you will have to leave each other quickly. However, you will make arrangements for a future meeting. A strong bond of friendship undeniably unites you and this link will have to be better nourished in the future. You both need to stay in contact with each other and you will make great efforts from now on to see each other more regularly.

You are eagerly hoping to take part in a large project that will take place in your community. You are prepared to do just about anything so much so that you are not left to do any task that will isolate you from other people. You like finding yourself in the midst of the action and you hope that you will be appreciated as you deserve to be. You have the necessary energy and talent and you really want to be involved in this mass movement. You are awaiting a response and it will come from a woman with the star sign Virgo. This woman is slightly reserved but she loves children. She is currently working in order to accept you as a participant in this event. She must complete some documents and think about your safety. She will soon invite you to an interview. Keywords: port, boat, residence, fertility, respect, efficiency, kindness, professionalism, Thursday morning, March.

An interpersonal situation presents itself in a strange or very unusual way. You have a reason to feel suspicious as your presumptions are founded. This is a question of a person (m/f) who loves you but who is only in your life in passing. This person is closely connected to cars and/or automobile driving. You must solve an enigma, as things are not as clear as they should be. This person is sincere but his/her lifestyle is set according to a cycle that is constantly restarting. This person hardly learns anything from his/her mishaps and everything is constantly to be reviewed in his/her life. It will be difficult for you to establish a stable relationship with him/her, as nothing is long lasting in his/her projects for the future. An upcoming real estate transaction will announce the real choices that you will have to make.

In three days, you will witness a strange phenomenon. You will not be alone. You will be in the company of someone else- a friend, a colleague or the sort. You will be in a small group of people. You will meet a being with paranormal or supernatural abilities. There will be levitation; therefore it will likely be a being from the beyond. Everything seems to indicate that you will witness the apparition of a person that comes from the beyond. This apparition will be planned and it will be directly destined for you. This being has a message to convey to you. He or she will convey it you in a non-verbal fashion, but you will understand it clearly.


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