Creative Writing 101

I distinctly remember how much I disliked this class by the end of the semester.

Write on demand and write what the instructors prompts you on. This particular story was inspired by the memory of my son Lee C. Smith. pictured above.

Diana Wyatt


The Nurse (Rough Draft)


Slivers of bright morning sunshine peek through the curtains, stirring me from my tranquil sleep and ruining my beautiful dream. Squinting as if wincing in pain I open my eyes not ready to start another day.  I close my eyes again trying to feign sleep as I listen to the sounds of busy shuffling steps moving up and down the hallway. Dreading the sound of those familiar heavy footsteps, which signal the arrival of the Nazi nurse.  I’ve grown accustomed to her abrasive demeanor knowing that she takes her job seriously but I still like to give her a hard time.

Morning is when the hospital comes alive again and soon she will be here like clockwork. I feel like it’s her duty to make me miserable. I continue to feign sleep as I wonder can’t this woman ever miss a day of work? I try to quickly adjust my head and neck in a comfortable position before she arrives, so I can pretend to be sleeping. Too late she caught me as her overbearing figure looms in the doorway. She puts a big smile on her face as she enters the room and says “good morning” as I smile back at her plotting my next move boy is she in for it today.

She’s looking at me as she approaches, and I can tell that she’s wondering how I will behave today. This nurse I swear is bent on making me miserable, why won’t she just go away just disappear from my room, this floor even? I swear she is here to torment me, sent straight from hell, the devil in disguise. It’s not bad enough that I can’t move any part of my body anymore since the accident except my head and neck, but do I also have to have this drill sergeant of a nurse to deal with? Could my life get any worse seriously?

Her hulking figure hovers over me, her flushed face inches from mine, Listerine and coffee  radiating from her breath, I ask her if she forgot mouthwash this morning, with a little smile. Her body stiffens just a little as she ignores me, our day has begun. I give her a pretend contemptuous look trying to get under her skin. “Sasquatch!” I yell out she rolls her eyes looking annoyed.  I swear at her, I use my mouth to nip at her pretending that I want to bite her, I scream in fake agony as she dresses me, I yell at her to stop and to leave me alone, I complain about her clumsiness, but she just ignores me and keeps working. She bristles a little her first reaction, I can see that I’m getting to her success I think to myself smiling. Oh great my physical therapist is here now, it’s time to get in the wheelchair. “Why can’t I just stay in bed for a while longer today?  You know us teenagers we need our beauty rest!” I say with a great big angelic smile on my face. “Sorry but you have to get up in your chair and then you can watch the big football game” she replies with a sweet smile. There goes the Nazi grabbing the remote and turning the television off, “Darnit!” I yell.

The lift is brought over and they begin putting the sling under me, which then attaches to the lift which will move me out of the bed and into the chair. What a life for a teenager, a once strong athlete who now can’t move any part of his body below the neck. They get me situated and it is now time for exercise which also means that it’s time for my nurse to leave.  Noticing that she didn’t turn the television back on, as she leaves and I yell out playfully “see you tomorrow you fricken T.V. Nazi!”  I roll in laughter with my last torturous comment at her as she rushes out the door.


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