In Time

Felt loneliness, Pain and Sorrow
Questioned Destiny
Felt beautiful
Wrote a letter with pen and paper
Yelled in frustration & anger
Kissed a Fool
Felt depression
Smiled in Happiness
Questioned life
Slammed doors
Felt Ugly
Questioned fate
Listened to the hoot of an Owl
Cried in pain
Questioned existence
Shed tears for joy
Found loving hearts
Extended Trust
Questioned the Universe
Found myself
Lost Trust
Begged to go home
Bound myself
Burned Letters
Released myself
Loved an animal
Hugged a tree
Ran my fingers through the grass
Let sand sift through my fingers
Dipped my toes in the Ocean
Opened my heart for destruction
Drank till I became numb
Disliked myself
Smoked cigarettes
Forbid journeying
Put the cell phone away
Found peace with friends
Cried in vain
Found True Love
Said NO
Found my past
Let go of my past
Watched a spider weave it’s web
Loved a man
Took decisive action
Became a Fool
Left men behind me
Released Love
Faced the Truth
Uncovered secrets
Slammed my fist
Hung my head in brokenness
Gathered my soul parts
Found my heart
Felt my heart drop
Healed my heart
Spoke kind words to strangers
Shed tears from the heart
Watched a Rabbit watch me
Hid the pain
Stopped smiling
Gave Up
Closed my heart
Stared at the night sky

Yet never failed to have High Hopes that someone will Love her.

The sweet summer rain gently beads my skin as the warm sunshine kisses my upturned face, all the while the wind caresses the pain away.


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