As summer ended and changed into fall, she changed as well.
As the leaves transformed into a multitude of brilliant colors spattering the landscape like an artistic masterpiece, she too changed.
As the trees shed their skin of color with every leaf that dropped to the earth,to protect it from the impending arctic storms and the bitter cold winter air, she too transformed and shed her skin. Slowly the pieces of her old self have fallen away revealing a new version of the woman who had known so much suffering.
All the pain and sorrow which she’d kept tightly wrapped around her like an old cloak and had been dragging around with her, dropped away like the leaves falling from the majestic oak.
With this season of transformation, as earth gets ready for changes of season, so too does she. Preparing for the new beginnings which were written in the stars so long ago.
Grateful for all of you who have crossed her path, bringing out all the pain she’d held inside, initiating this long overdue transformation.

~ Thank You


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