Something to Say

Thoughts flow as I Spend time at the place where my son’s body rests today .

I recently met a man named Ed with whom I’d had many heartwarming conversations with. This particular man brought with him a message and as I post this photo I am reminded that I have a difficult story to tell. Ed inspired me by saying “get on with it” urging me forward because as he said people are waiting, they need your story. He went on to say that my strength when faced with adversity added with the courage of my teenage son would inspire many young people. Through the retelling of this very difficult and challenging story of my life I can help inspire those who can’t move beyond the darkness, paralyzed by a system.
I fought a hard battle with a “System” that would try to push their weight around. Trying to force situations on me that I didn’t agree with, in their vain attempts to force feed me their rules and policies I took a stand.
If you know me you know that you can’t shove anything down my throat without a fight and that I carry an abundant amount of stubbornness and will power. I had been backed into a corner so I became a force to be reckoned with. I had to take this stand for a cause tied closely to my heart and there was no stopping me as all the walls, barriers and obstacles came crashing down. Trust me when I tell you that I didn’t make many friends along the way.
I began to fight a system for my child. I wasn’t asking for much, just for him to come home so that he could live out the remainder of his life surrounded by his family.
I stood by my son closely, blocking any who seemed eager to push him around. I walked by his side through a system of Bullies and together we found our way out of that house of mirrors.
Hard as it may be to write about it without tears I will give it all that I have.



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