Mercury Retrograde January 2015

My advice is to not feed the fears, so don’t fear the Retrograde as it is a helpful tool.
Feeling the effects of the impending Retrograde for weeks now, I’ve been able to go deep into myself in order to gain a new understanding of why things worked out the way that they have.
The next 3 weeks will be a bridge between an old way of seeing things and a new understanding of a bigger picture and how everything fits -or doesn’t fit in that picture. There will be interesting insights through looking back or within about prior relationships, past goals and ambitions, and why certain things came down the way they did.
My soul reflections have revealed that my true happiness will be found by improving the lives of others. Achieving this through friendships and associations. Focus on a clear life purpose by using my strong sense of ethics and my commitment to freedom and equality.
Incarnated in this lifetime to experience detached love and will find happiness in turning lovers into friends. I must avoid the temptation of following every romantic opportunity for this will only distract me from my true path of creating life purpose.
What makes it hard is that I have a great need to be loved and to satiate that thirst with sex and romance. Sadly love affairs only serve to weaken me while friendships strengthen.
In past lives I was attached to love/lovers and I retain soul memories of great romance…true love.
To reach my goals I am to utilize my network of many friends who help in reaching goals. Promise of great leadership and success in Social causes & associations.
This is what I’ve learned during my introspection.
What will you learn during this Mercury Retrograde?


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