As Time Passes

Sidetrack years
Through the years

Relationships come and relationships go. People suddenly appear in our lives as if right out if a fairy tale for whatever reason, some stay and some disappear just as quickly as they arrived.

When they leave as suddenly as they appeared we are left startled and confused feeling that there’s been no proper closure. They’ve walked out the door with not even so much as a goodbye, no turning to look back not even for a moment all that’s left is a gaping hole.

We’re left wondering what, why, how? Is this right or is it wrong? Maybe I should have tried harder, maybe I should reach out and try to make amends, maybe just maybe.

It’s one of those when life knocks you down moments. You’re left with no answers, no replies and no closure which leave us over analyzing the situation, picking things apart wondering why things went to shit, as if it would make a difference anyway. Situations like these get the best of most of us. Some cry out with indignation on social media or sometimes with hidden messages in statuses and innuendo’s…oh pity me. Some run out and grab the next person that they find only to start over again with what will be a new lesson. What we fail to realize in our state of obsessive self questioning is that maybe we didn’t do anything wrong at all. In our agony all that we can see is that the other person has left and without answers so we sit despondently and wonder. We failed to see the big picture because we’d been ignoring all the obvious red flags. What was hidden by infatuation and hopeful dreams becomes plain to see when we are left alone pondering the whys, the what ifs and beating ourselves up wondering what we should’ve or could’ve done differently.

We have all been there at one time or another and some of us more often than not, but you know what? We get through it all and realize later that it wasn’t necessarily just one of us it was both and it was time to grow and move on. Then truthfully looking back at our actions of the time thinking of the lashing out, the mean texts or even the I love you’s left in the heat of the moment all in the hopes of finding closure.

The truth is though that most often it has nothing to do with us alone it’s just the way our course has been set, these type of departures herald a time of great change for our personal growth. We have to bite the bullet and admit that we fell for the wrong person or possibly that we found what we thought was the right person but at the wrong time. People come into our lives with valuable lessons how they leave you is on them but how you react is all on you.

Without closure we tend to forget that we spent special moments together, we shared laughter, tenderness and most importantly that we shared love. Although we weren’t given an adequate goodbye with hugs and kisses for whatever reason we need to keep that special love that was shared in our hearts, and not run off with the negative bashing, be completely honest with ourselves and keep the love that was shared with another special. Every love relationship is unique in its own way.  For I have loved each and every person that has crossed my path differently, some more passionately than another but love just the same.

No one likes rejection or failure but it happens and it happens to the best of us. I’ve found that with each relationship that I’d hoped had been the forever love that I’d been searching for but didn’t work out I found valuable lessons. I have learned to take the broken heart and break down the walls instead of erecting them and build it back up for the next journey never losing sight of the love that I desire.

In the end take time to sing and dance in the rain, go to the beach make new friends who help you feel good about yourself.  Pick up a new hobby, spend time loving yourself for the beautiful soul that you are, stretch your wings and fly.

I faced the night sky as I closed my eyes I stretched out my arms, and as the rain gently pelted my face I  danced wonderfully and romantically with it . Washing away the past cleansing my body and soul. I found that which I’d been seeking.
You only need to look to yourself for that closure which you desire.

©DLHouseholder 2014

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