Thank a Veteran

Veterans Day is a day set aside for us to honor the men and the women who bravely serve our country both past and present. Those who protect us, defend us and go above and beyond to ensure our freedom and liberty, from those who threaten to destroy what our forefathers established so long ago. This is the greatness of what our country was molded from since its beginnings, those farmers who took arms to stand up for their freedom. A group of Hero’s is what established our freedom from the very beginning of this country and through history.
 A standard dictionary definition of a hero:


1. A  person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
  1. “a war hero”
    synonyms: brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage,man/woman of the hour, lionheart, warrior, knight, champion, victor, conqueror.
    What is your definition of a hero?
    Throughout this wonderful United States of America there are countless amounts of veterans who deserve to be recognized as Hero’s for just simply serving in our Military. Not all veterans have faced the challenge of actually going to war or combat as shown in the photo below but should still be recognized as hero’s, just because they are soldiers. Soldiers prepared for the day they are called in to battle.
    I am fortunate in being a part of a small community in which I live and work. Having pretty much grown up at our local coffee shop it’s been my privilege to work among and get to know such greatness as these local hero’s.
    I’m certain that every town in America has or has had at least one hometown hero who’s served this country in an amazing way. Personal stories to be shared, handed down from generation to generation. A handshake and a thank you to a veteran or just simply listening to their experience  goes a long way. Take a moment to find out about your local veterans and take a few more minutes of your time to ask them about their experiences as a soldier.
    One of our home town hero’s here in Watervliet is a man named Glen Oppeneer, Corky for short. Corky was pictured in Life magazine in 1966 as shown below and in the featured image. As you can see he lived experiences in battle that I could never even imagine if it weren’t for his stories told firsthand.

Corky Openeer 1966
With this post I want to thank Corky and all of the men and women whether they are retired or still in service for being those Heroes. 

 A special thank you for the heroes I personally know Corky, Ed and Mac,   I admire you for the amazing individuals you are and for sharing your stories. Your contribution of service in the military is something to be admired respected and you are great examples of what the people of this country are made of. Without brave men and women like you we wouldn’t be FREE.

Corky 2013IMG_3458.JPG

Our very own Hometown Hero, thank you for your service, You are an amazing man and

I will forever be grateful to have you as a friend.


Mac retired from the Navy and Army.

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