An Out of Body Experience

A swirling grey mist cloaks the room and hangs heavy as if a thick fog had just settled inside the house. A chill runs up my spine and I shiver in the cold darkness. To my right the door creaks open slowly and with a resounding echo that radiates through the silence. Mustering the courage to go back and shut the door I close my eyes, take a deep breath and let out a brave sigh. My pulse is jittering, my hair stands on end, and my legs feel like lead as I inch my way back to give the door quick push. Odd I think, as the resounding thump of the door slamming threatens to wake everyone in the house.  I bolt and reach the stairs in seconds, turning to look once more at that door. It’s open again. “I knew it! This fricken house is haunted!”  I screech in a shrill voice scrambling up the stairs. My eyes adjust to the darkness and through the receding mist I notice the paint melting off the walls as I approach the landing. Not a sound as the blackness threatens to engulf me.

I continue moving forward through the darkness and a figure begins to take shape ahead of me, it’s a young woman leaning against the banister smoking a cigarette. She was wearing a red hat with black polka dots and a vintage style red cocktail dress which only accentuated her pasty paleness more so. Her thinly plucked eyebrows shaped into an unnatural arch that curved up almost to the middle of her forehead and her long nose hooked over continually pursed lips, which then parted in a smirking grin revealing teeth stained with the bright crimson red of her lipstick. Speaking to her as if I knew her I exclaimed “What are you doing?”  You know that we don’t smoke in the house and that you have to go out to the garage, c’mon.”  I say as I lead the way.

My own footsteps are the only sound that I hear and glancing over my shoulder there’s no sign of the woman, she’s disappeared but my dog is now with me. “Brandi, Brandi, come here.” I whisper.

Balling my hands into fists to rub the sleep out of my eyes, I look again, it’s my dog but she looks like a big brown, and fuzzy mutated grizzly of a dog. She spots a trashcan full of fried chicken legs in the garage and takes off. She barrels into it and knocks the entire can over, scattering the chicken legs all over the floor.  Running after her through the garage as she tromps through puddles of sewage, up the stairs and back into the house where I tackle her and wrestle the chicken leg away from her.  “Bad girl, no chicken legs!” I yell shaking my finger at her.  Out of the corner of my eye and just to my left, hostile houseflies bombarding the windows catch my attention, thumping the glass and bouncing off as they desperately try to get in.

I’m in my bedroom again looking down at my own body peacefully asleep. Then it happens, my leg muscles tighten and icy tremors run up my leg. Momentarily paralyzed, shivers run up and down my limbs from an invisible intruder which dares to touch my body. I re-enter my body and at the simultaneously in defense my hand shoots out white light stunning the invisible foe, sending him off in retreat. As I fully awaken my body shoots straight up into a sitting position my eyes scan the room for an invader but there is nothing but an ominous feeling is permeating all around. I shiver as I clutch the blanket tightly to my chin with trembling hands. The all-encompassing silence echoes throughout the room, silent as a grave.

I was paralyzed for a moment by fear from something that i could not see but felt so bone chilling cold. I realized one thing that night and this is how strong and protected that I truly am.


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