My Soul knows Your Soul ~


That earth shattering almost electrifying love at first sight shock wave that sends tremors through our very being, reaching straight down to our souls.

Dear Right Person wrong time,
When me met it was as if time stood still for a moment. Instantly my soul recognized your soul. I became intrigued as I was taken back to another time, another place. Back to when we first met and back to when we last met. Through triumph and tragedy our passions ignited again and again.
I know that when we first meet someone who we feel an instant attraction to we feel like we have met “the one”. Those feelings of Butterflies that tickle our tummies our excitement as we think that our search for love has finally ended.
That earth shattering almost electrifying love at first sight shock wave that sends tremors through our very being, reaching straight down to our souls.
We met we loved and we parted all within just a few short months yet it’s not soon forgotten.
This lifetime deemed not our time by obstacles too great.
Yet I chose to love regardless.
As much as our desire burned deep within our souls we had to face the truth and admit that this Love was not meant to be.
A heart wrenching love that could never be. Sadly we parted ways yet I still feel your presence.
Although thousands of miles lie between us and an eon of time I still feel your every thought, your every emotion, desires, passions and secrets. A tough way to go.
The problem lies in that even though you are gone from me and I you, your energy still lingers. I cut myself off from the journeys and night visions all to no avail. I still feel you here when I go to bed at night, I feel your ups and your downs. I feel you happiness, sadness, despair, anger, excitement and I sincerely wish that you would completely leave me for good and this for my peace of mind for you are only a memory now, a spot in my past. To me you aren’t real anymore, although I’m not sure that you ever were very real at all. I blame this in my being a hopeless romantic who always wishes to see the best in and extend trust to everyone that I meet. So in saying this I also want to say to you that my thoughts of us have been placed ever so gently with my fondest memories, the past is where you need stay for now.
I have loved many times and in many ways. My heart-broken again and again leaving me to pick up the remaining pieces only to start all over. You weren’t the first to shatter my heart but hopefully you will be the last.
I have lived and learned. With this precious knowledge I take what’s left of me, my broken pieces and offer my love once again. Putting the pieces together and nurturing my forlorn heart with love back to wholeness. Filling the cracks and holes with tenderness and bringing it back to life.
Too big a challenge for you but we all have obstacles thrown our way which bring us valuable lessons from the experience.
I wish you peace and to let me be at peace as well for I have loved you through eternity and back
and more…

Until we meet again my friend.

Dedicated to those undeniable passionate loves that we so desperately seek in our lifetimes.

“If you want to know where your heart is, look at where your mind goes when it wanders.”

– Anonymous

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