Inspiration in the night,

Creativity shine so bright.

Fill my heart with love and light.

Write, be polite, rewrite

Recite, incite, erudite.

Imagination set the stage

Pen and paper now engage 

Fantabulous, magnanimous 

Capacious romanticist.

Captivating Ecstasy.

Intimacy Illuminated 

Passing through what’s yet unknown.

Magic thrives and is alive.

Words that Mesmerize, spellbind, hypnotize.

Creativity is the fire and the desire.

Inspiration fills the heart. 

Watercolored words describe.

Inscribed on canvas with love.

The procession of expression. 

Artistic Eminence in progression.

I desire to inspire 

As art emerges set it free. 

Inspire me.

©2015  DLHouseholder

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