Fear of darkness outside the heart.
Afraid of the unknown and what can’t be 

seen in the dark.

Blindfold me.

Change he said as he pulled her in deeper. 

Rushing in blindly the heart leads the 


Take me She’d say.

Playfulness pursues as his light fills her  

aching wounds.

Leap with rose colored glasses in hand, 

freely as only a brave little fool would do.

Change he said as he nudged a little 

harder and pushed just a little farther.

Out of the safety zone darkness engulfs 


Inspired and intrigued but,

There never was an us, a you and an I, 

there was only the I, a me clinging and 

hanging on desperately. 

Darkness ensues.

Clear to her now what she didn’t see before, that 

which wasn’t a you and me.

Thought She’d found who and what she’d  been 

searching for. 

Attractions are factions

The one that stood out in the crowd.

Tall, dark and handsome, and well you 


Captivating smile she would walk hundreds of  miles for.

I fail me.

There was an us as in you me, her and her 

you see.

There was always an us but not in the way 

that was for me.

Truthfully you see there were too many 

there for us to be. 

Too many, too many, just too many of us.

So with frozen tears in her heart she 

walked away.

To face a new day no matter what her 

heart would say.

She knew, she knew that someday those 

tears would melt away.

She walked away and set them free 

because she wanted more than those 

sweet words of his, which was all that he 

could give.

©2015 DLHouseholder


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