The Bear


For years the bear lay sleeping inside her. 

She was fire she was ice.

Living on the border between this world 

and the next. 

She was love when love seemed lost, she 

was freedom. 

Her fierceness lay subdued.

Then she met a man who broke her heart 

wide open. Words so sweet he could turn 

black into white. 

He was smooth he was liquid, he was 


He sang songs only her heart could hear.

This man was intoxicating, he was magic, 

he was the magician of hearts. 

A man who disappeared as magically  as 

he’d arrived. 

That was the year the bear inside her 


Her ferociousness became strong and 

slowly leaked out as she protected her 


She became a myth, a legend and a 

fairytale all wrapped in one.

 Her heart was her guide but she kept it 

wrapped in the hide of the bear with no 


Until the day another arrived to shatter 

the walls she’d built protecting her heart. 

The bear retreated as he was defeated 

when she let this man Break her heart 

wide open. 

©2015 DLHouseholder


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