The Rogue

On the other end of that text

The snake lies in wait.

The scoundrel who roams from place to 
place, and heart to heart.

Ploying and toying.

No intervals between victims.
Destruction left in the wake.
No resistance to the distance
The Beast
Beguiling to say the least
Enchanting, entrancing.
That vagrant heart
Surreptitious in seductions.
That Roguish Romeo.
That Callous Casanova.
Seduction by clever roguery,
Such scandalous deceit, unseated.


Clandestine Promiscuity
Raped by perspecuity.
A frenemy chats energetically,
Felt empathetically.
Speaks Erotically, Carnally.
A silent symphony this 
energetic sensuality.


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