In your little three old voice you would sing you are my sunshine my only sunshine

to me over and over again, the only words you could remember to the song. You got me to

join along singing with you as I tried to reach you the rest of the words.

In truth you were my sunshine and the light of my life.

When you were little you sang “You are my Sunshine” over and over,

In truth you were my sunshine and the light of my life.

Your departure has left me with a gaping hole and a vast emptiness,

a blank tear stained face and a yearning to be in your place.

A heart tattered, torn, shattered in bits, completely forlorn.

My wish for you to be reborn, when can we meet again?

Feeling an eternity between you and I, wishing I could fly.

A longing not be filled until the day that we meet again.

Dream my sweet my heart cannot speak.

Fill me my sorrow sweets thoughts of no broken tomorrows.

Sing me sweetly the tender melody of the yesterdays joys you brought into my life.

You touched the lives of so many with that vibrant smile and warm loving heart.

The Past two years have been so tough for you, I struggled with you.

Your struggle to breathe a mother’s worst fear, watching you slowly slip away.

Your illness overwhelming, your suffering immense your spirit stayed strong,

Your warrior fought with courage and strength keeping your smile right to the very end.

We smiled together, we laughed together, we grew together we stayed strong together,

but I wept when you weren’t looking, dreading the day that your illness would take you away.

Praying to God please don’t take him away, but Today is that Day.

This is the day my heart went away.

Always in our hearts and cherished forever.

Dream my love, be free my cherished son.

Live on in spirit.

You Are My Sunshine.                       12/01/2003


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