I Promise

I promise not to run around chasing love, because I am love. I promise to spread love and passion wherever I go and in whatever I do. My heart is my guide, my roadmap and true north. “Love begets love and what you give out is what you get back.” I promise you baby to be love.

I promise that although I found soul food in the poetic love dance of our souls, and that I do want you again and again, I do not need you to experience the everlasting beatitude of love, lovers and lovemaking.

I promise that I know love is beautiful but not always rational, and there is no reason for us not to be able to live without one another. It is yet again time for another change, as I transform from this cracked cocoon to a majestic butterfly. I promise to take this magnificence and soar high on the new-found wings of love and freedom. Tasting the sweet breath of love in each and every honeyed encounter, basking in fevered lovers embraces. I promise to always be that wild woman with passion that flows through her entire being, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, experience, adventure and wanderlust in her heart and soul. I promise to keep my fire lit. I promise to be the inspiration for poetry from the soul.

I promise to listen to the whisper of the moon as I dance naked in the rain. I promise to bask in the warmth of the sun’s resplendent glow, letting the wind caress my cheek as if it were a soft lovers touch. I promise you baby that I know love.

I promise to make a thousand or more mistakes along the way but I will not be anything less than the passionate lover that you know, staying true to me. I promise to never change to fit in with the “norm” because I am a far cry from normal, not anything less than strange. I promise that we won’t always agree and there will be conflict but that’s okay, its growth for our souls. I promise that I will never become boring or just mediocre that’s just not me.

I promise to be as passionate and wild as always, if not more so in my encounters with new lovers. Nakedness intertwined in a passionate  embrace between souls, hearts connecting as we bathe in that ethereal flow of fulfillment with every heated stroke. I promise you that the magic of our bodies touching for the first time initiating fiery sparks, which threatened to consume all around us will always be the same between us, again and again. Our fire shall never die.

I promise you that I will never be good at being controlled by my hearts deepest desire or longing for what is no good for me. I will run from this “control” naked and baring my soul to grasp my freedom. I promise you baby that our love will never die.

I promise to stay on course in adventures as I choose from and  taste the sweet fruits from the tree of love, exploring the kingdom of new lovers. I promise that I won’t say I’ll love you forever because this is a desperate promise of young lovers who haven’t been calloused by the honesty which only age and experience can inspire. I promise you baby that I am love.

I promise to accept the choices we have made together even if I don’t like them. I appreciate freedom and accept that which I cannot change. I promise not to accept the lameness of pathetic excuses, but I do and always will accept the integrity which comes from honesty and truth. I promise to always respect the truth. I promise that there isn’t anything that I can’t overcome, because I know love and I am love.

I promise not to hang on to the memories of our love, I release us to be free. I promise that I love you enough to let you go in happiness. I promise to let you be you and to let me be me choosing this time to set us free.

I promise you baby that I set us free.


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