I Once Knew

I once knew a girl whose heart sang in freedom as she’d dance with the wind and sing in the rain with wild abandon and sheer delight. Knees to the earth in respect for the mothers magic. Lying bare and naked between earth’s bosom silently she spoke from the deepness of her heart. The magic of the trees belonged with to her a curious sprite with the never-ending questions and always a “why?” this girl that I loved, what a treasure to know a blessing for life. The earth her mother, the water her home, the sun her father, the animals her sisters, the mountain her lover and the wind her brother. An odd girl at that but she stole my heart in an instant with her curiously weird but beautiful ways. She’d stand in the open just before a storm to feel the wind as it caressed her lush hair, face turned up high and to the sky, nose to the wind as if anticipating that lovers  sweeping kiss. The scent of the impending rain permeates the air as she stands still as a statue with arms stretched wide welcoming home natures passionate fury. What happened to her, this girl I once knew? The girl with fire blazing in her soul and a sparkling heart of gold and so bold. Didn’t I love her enough? Time passed as it tends to do and everyday life took hold. Neglecting the girl who danced to the beat of her own drum and before I knew it she’d bloomed and a woman she’d become. She was crazy this girl, mad with magic and there was no lie in her fire. Not a myth or a fable yet disappeared just as magically as she had appeared. She’d stolen me so now I search my heart to find the girl of fire that I once knew. 

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