A Letter to My Daughters

The very first time that I gazed into your newborn eyes I saw something wonderful and magical. I saw the universe, the past and the future in this remarkable gift of you. Cradled snug in my arms I saw the finest work of art. I saw the stars, the sun and the moon. I saw your essence. I saw eternity and I saw a piece of myself in you. I fell in love. I had discovered another essential part of me.

My Dearest Daughters,

May your dazzling smile always shine bright, never to lose its light.
May you always know the love and beauty which resides in your very own remarkable, glimmering and dazzling soul.
May you always know the extent of my love for you forever and without a doubt.
May you always see, feel and just know the depth of the love and beauty – the resplendent beauty which is YOU.  May you shine, shine brilliantly like the brightest of stars illuminating the darkest of nights.
May you always walk your path of freedom unwavering wherever this may lead, to face life with confidence and assurance. Thus helping you to see clearly in the midst of chaos and grasp the perfect opportunities at the perfect time.
May you always leave the past where it belongs, to live in the now letting a perfect future unfold for you.
May you always have trust in yourself, trusting the knowledge that you are a sparkling and shimmering beacon of light who has the ability to part the veils of darkness with ease, as you journey forward on the path of self discovery.
May you always know your ability to give loving guidance to those that seek out your light.
May you always walk through this world being the confident woman that you are, speaking your truth charismatically.
May you always stand steadfast and strong rooted in the knowledge and love of you as you strive to discover your earthly purpose.
May my love help guide you through your losses and victories while you discover yourself, even after I have journeyed home and until your journey here on earth is complete. May the wings of love lift you up and carry you to freedom.
May your love and your love for YOU always shine as brightly as the love that overflows in my heart for you. For even when we are apart I am still with you.
May the legacy of my love be carried on through you and when the world gets tough look back on these words inspired by you. You are beautiful.                                                                                May you always keep your head up. Be free, be yourself, be spontaneous, have fun, show yourself to the world – all of you, leave nothing hidden and remember to laugh because laughter is food for the soul. Never let go of that wild woman who resides deep inside of you. Stay true to you.

                Listen to the wind – it whispers.                                                                                                                 Listen to the silence – it speaks.                                                                                                                   Listen to the earth – it echoes.                                                                                                                   Listen to the birds – they sing.                                                                                                                   Listen to your heart – it knows.

I  Love You,


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