July 18, 2016
I wondered what it was like for you that day. How it must have felt as the raging river sucked you in smashing the violets in your pocket.
I wondered how it felt when the river bottoms bone crushing grip around your neck raped you of your youth. How did it feel when your home was being invaded by a squatter holding your lungs for ransom?
I wondered what you must’ve felt inside as death’s icy grip took hold of your heart.
I wondered of the silent screams which could not escape as the river coursed through your nose, poisoning your breath with its silt and crushing the flame of your youth.

I wondered if you had left your house just moments before. Did you drift in the clouds watching family round the roaring campfire below?
I wondered were you thinking of us, your sisters, your daddy and me while your sanctuary was being invaded. Did you get to see a tunnel of light as others say they have?
I wondered how it felt as the faceless tributary led a funeral procession down your throat, parading up your nose and stinging your veins.
I wondered if angels arrived to be by your side, did Jesus himself cradle you in his arms and sing a sweet lullaby.
I wonder if you let loose a warrior rebels cry heading into battle as the river closed its mouth at the ocean?

I still wonder what it was like for you that day and did you hear the dragon’s tears the day my heart went away?

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